In First Grade at Blog School – or Maybe it’s Kindergarten


    This is my first blog entry ever!  It reminds me so much of when I was learning to read in First Grade.  I desperately wanted to read fluently.  But I knew I couldn’t jump right in; I had to go through the slow process of learning.  It frustrated me to no end…Learning the sounds of vowels and consonants…sounding out each word…making mistakes…  But, motivated by that passion to read, I stuck with it, and I’ve never been sorry.  

     This process of learning how to manage a blog site feels so similar.  I’m such a newbie, and I know there are no shortcuts; I have to navigate the learning process.  I want to add color, visuals, photos…  I hope you’ll stick with me.  Or maybe, by the time someone discovers this blog, I’ll have already mastered a few tricks. 

      Hope you have a most blessed Sunday.


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