I Love to Exercise

Okay, I confess.  I don’t really love to exercise at all.  But I’ve decided that I need to start saying I do to psych myself into making exercise a habit.  It’s gotten to the point where I feel that I’m sinning by not giving more attention to being physically fit.  It’s not that I don’t care.  Nor is it that I don’t have time.  It’s just hard to figure out when to fit it in my day. 


I wish I had “wash and wear” hair, but, sigh, I don’t.  Fixing my hair is a big deal because it’s naturally curly frizzy.  That has a big influence on when I work out because, of course, you have to follow all that cardio and all those reps with a shower.  Which means I need to get gussied up all over again.


I would love to be a morning person like my hubby.  But it just doesn’t seem to be in my genes.  Besides, there’s the morning routine – getting everyone launched for the day.  Once they’re out the door, my first impression is not to run to the gym, but to use those precious morning hours for getting stuff done!   I don’t know if it’s like this for you, but it seems like for me, once noon hits, the day is shot.


If I go to the gym around noon, then there’s that re-do of my hair, etc.  Who wants to take two hours out of the middle of the day for all that?  It feels like such an interruption when I’m making progress on stuff!


Okay, that leaves mid-afternoon.  Which is probably when I need exercise the most, because that’s when I hit a slump – that time of day when my energy’s low and the sofa beckons.   Besides, by 3 p.m., I need to start thinking about making supper. 


So, why not hit the gym in the evening?  Well, since I tend to be a night person anyway, working out at night would be like drinking a can of Red Bull.  Actually, I’ve never drank a can of Red Bull, but I have eaten chocolate at night!  That’s enough caffeine right there to keep me revved for hours! That does not work with the rhythm of this household and its early riser(s).


So, what am I to do?  I probably need to embrace the idea of making exercise a part of my LIFESTYLE!  Maybe I need accountability.  Goals.  Before and after pictures?  Progress rewards?…


So, got any ideas?  I need help to get this Temple in tip-top shape.


2 Responses

  1. HUmmmm….tough one! Maybe start doing something thats not necessarily excerside per say…like taking a walk or going shopping and pushing the cart and keeping a brisk pace…I don’t know!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    God bless-

  2. I started skipping showers. You can recycle yesterday’s shower for the first part of the day before exercise… say around noon (or 4pm ha ha). And you can also do a dry-hair shower later in the day, so the “do” is done. I only wash my hair once a day, regardless of when I work out. Of course, I live in dry-bone Colorado, so I may have that advantage. Whatever you do, you’ll feel better about it after you exercise.

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