Sunrise Apple Orchard Trip – Part II

I just have to do a Part II on our Apple-getting trek.  The weather was perfect; the scenery was…well…how could anyone look at such beauty and not believe there is a God?!!! 

We sampled several different apple varieties, sipped hot cider, and, since it’s only a once-a-year event, wolfed down some of the unspeakably delicious Apple Cider Donuts, for which the Sunrise Orchards are famous.

Be forewarned; you should never, ever taste these donuts, unless you want to become a lifetime addict!  We can certainly find apples in orchards closer to home, but these donuts are worth the several-hours’ drive!  Other people must think so, too, though the apples are certainly a draw as well.  Even for a middle-of-the-week visit, we were amazed at how busy the orchard shop was; the parking lot was loaded.  And the check-out lines were long – but moved right along.  Besides, everyone was friendly and cheerful.  We brought home Honeycrisp, McIntosh, and Harralsons (for freezing – gotta have that stash for pies and crisp!). 

As we were loading our bounty in the truck, another couple came out of the store shouldering bags of apples too.  They promptly packed some in the side boxes of their motorcycle, tied another cooler of ’em on the back, then donned their helmets and vroomed off. 

However you get to Sunrise Orchards, it’s worth the trip.  And they didn’t pay me a penny to tell you!


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