God’s Entertainment

      With all the worldly entertainment thrown at us nowdays, I think we’ve lost much of our ability to spot God’s delights.   What a waste!  Our nation spends billions of dollars on electronic toys and media fluff, while God offers all kinds of stuff to fascinate us…for free!  Like the entertainment He sent us just the other day.


I first noticed God’s visitor as he stood peering through the sliding glass door which leads from our deck into the kitchen.


What nerve!  To come to our back door and…without knocking…or any kind of announcement…just put his face up to the window like that and stare in at us.  Funny how, once I saw him, it brought everything else to a screeching halt.  I honestly don’t even remember what we were doing now; I only know that he captured, and held, our attention. 


I didn’t invite our guest in, but I did grab my Canon PowerShot, then went around the house and quietly joined him on the deck. 


God's Free Entertainment




I keep referring to our guest as a “he” but maybe it was a “she,” I’m no entomologist.  Then again, take a close look at this shot (below).  I discovered that when you click on the photo – remember, I’m still a newbie at this blogging thing – you can get a really close-up view.  Is she cute, or what?  That’s gotta be a “she.”  Look how she’s looking coyly over her shoulder, right into the camera.




I also noticed that the caption under the first shot simply says “God.”  That is not what I wrote, so I don’t know why it showed up that way.  Divine intervention? 


He/she stopped by the next day too.  I must say, a few moments with Mr./Ms. Mantis had a much more positive effect on me than spending hours on my Nintendo DS playing “Brain Age.”  (Do not ask what it says my brain age is!)



Next time we need a little fun, I say we ask God to open our eyes to His amusements!  They’re free.  They’re fun.  They’re all around us.  And, they’re G-rated.


Maybe the emerging economy will help force us into discovering God’s entertainment again.  That might not be a bad thing.



2 Responses

  1. Ha! One of those actually bit me the other day! Otherwise, very nice photo. 🙂

  2. Great ideas…and kinda makes me think thats the way He would like us to be! In constant praise and worship of Him and all that He has made for us to delight in!

    Many blessings-

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