Candy Corn and Peanuts – Update


Okay, here’s how it’s been the past 3,600 minutes, or so…  I have had some semblence of breakthrough.  My hero has really come to my rescue.  As heroes should.  Determined to help me get rid of this stuff, he’s been eating handfuls of it himself.  Actually, it hasn’t been handfuls, just lots of repeated dips into the bowl.  Talk about sacrifice. 


But that was only part 1 of his rescue plan.  He also dumped a bunch of it into a Ziplock, took it to work, and gifted it to his administrative assistant, who, in twenty minutes, devoured it.  All.  Bless her heart, she did her part for me too.


This is the hard part, now, cuz I must admit confess that I fell off the wagon.   Not meaning to justify myself, or anything, but I have to ask… How many of you have looked at a tempting morsel – or in this case – dozens of tempting morsels – and figured one of the fastest and easiest ways to get it out of your sight was to eat it?  Hmmm?  Well…I kinda used some of that reasoning too. 


But, today?  I’m an overcomer.  Not only did I not touch the stuff, but I went to the gym!  Two victories in one day.  (See “I Love to Exercise” )  I felt great after and even ate a healthy, vegetable-filled meal.  Then spent, oh, the next hour or so, going through those 14-minute waiting periods I told you about.  But I made it.


Now I’ve only got about 2,160 minutes to go, because the shelf life of this confection ends Saturday morning.  At least at this house.


3 Responses

  1. Ok…so the quicker it disappears the less tempting it becomes. At first it was..”I’ll eat just a few of the peanuts, I’ll be ok… I need some protein anyway to keep my brain power going and they will burn more calories anyway ( protein takes longer to digest).” Well It wasn’t long before the craving of the sweet candy corn, with the saltiness of peanut mixture hit my taste buds…OH NO>>>>>>>the next thing I realize…its gone. “Did I do that?” Dangerous, absolutely Dangerous…But now that they are gone, I don’t have to worry about eating just one.

  2. Grace, I loved this blog. This is one of my MAJOR downfalls this time of year. So, I must say…Thank you for reminding me to pick this up at Hy-Vee tonight. 😉 THANKS A LOT! hehe Blessings, Ani

  3. You are so cute.

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