Voting Booth Faith – IV

I am so weary, and disgusted, and grieved by this presidential election, that I don’t want to think about it anymore, much less write about it.  But I feel compelled to.  So much is at stake.  I think most people believe that. 


But I’m not convinced enough people understand what is at stake.  Most political discussions surround topics like the economy, various “rights,” and jockeying for power.  All self-centered issues, while the real issue is God’s will.  Jesus told us to pray for it – and people do – but do we mean it?  Are we sincere when we pray “Thy  Kingdom come, Thy  will be done”?  Do we know  what His will is?  (Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”)


Now that I think about it, I guess I also need to deal with the fact that, more and more, people do not want His Kingdom to come, and certainly do not want His will to be done.  They want His Name and everything relating to Him to be removed from sight.  That’s what makes this election so scary.


Regardless of whether people believe in God, He rules.  His precepts stand firm.  Nothing man does can make them waver.   For example, man has zero power to thwart God’s Law of Gravity.  He set it in order and that’s the way it is.  God, not man, orders the universe.  Nothing can diminish God…not attitude, opinion, wealth, culture, celebrity, position, or time.  Not political party.  And certainly not man’s laws.  Earthly judges declaring that something is legal, does not make it legal with God.  We have no power, and no right, to overrule what God says.


God hasn’t changed, yet it seems that so much of society (and not just in the U.S.) thinks values, morals, right and wrong – in other words, God’s mandates – should be periodically updated to reflect current culture.  It’s as if we’re trying to tell God to get with the times, get with the 21st century.  If that weren’t so perilous, it would be laughable.  Don’t they know Who they’re dealing with? 


Seriously, I think through the results of tomorrow’s voting, we are about to find out.


And I expect it will be especially difficult for The Church.  For, if those who call themselves by Christ’s name, through their vote, knowingly ask God for a man to lead our nation, who they know will sanction the murder of our unborn…God have mercy. 


What do we do with Scripture like Zephaniah 1:4-5, “I will stretch out my hand against…I will cut off from this place…those who bown down and swear by the Lord and who also swear by Molech.”  Molech was the god which was worshipped by sacrificing infants.  Sound familiar?


Everyone will suffer the consequences. 


We already are.  And it’s been escalating for years.  But it’s just not recognized.  The economy is not the issue.  The environment is not the issue.  Government benefits (or the lack) are not the issue.  The war is not the issue,  Defiance of God is the issue.  And, Republican or Democrat, believer or unbeliever, we will not get away with it.


5 Responses

  1. If you are a Christian…this election is win win. Obama is going to set the pace…the total lack of morality in society and the presedence for which will begin the decent of a nation…and the return of Jesus. We can have faith in Him and His great design… and know that as long as we are following His will, He will remain faithfull.

    I know how all of this feels…really defeated!… but have faith dear sister in Christ!

    God bless-

  2. The issue is the person, the personality, of each of the candidates.

    Look at which is rational, calm in difficulty, not hateful.

    Don’t vote one one issue or another – vote for the *person* and their personality.

  3. personally I always have a hard time with these kinds of discussions….God’s will leading a nation.

    I think of the times in our own history of people doing things they thought were God’s will and we today are horrified.

    The civil war was fought with two sides believing they were hearing from God. On sundays they would stop killing and worship God together.
    creepy if you ask me. murder is murder.

    the other problem is that candidates don’t stay with their opinions about topics that are important to us.

    May I talk about the abortion issue without flaming you?
    I was a McCain supporter the last time he ran…and Dr. Dobson was clear that McCain was not from God. McCain at the time was a pro-choicer. google it. hopefully I am remembering correctly.

    Now that is not to say that I am telling you to support Obama.


    Support who you choose. That is your right.

    Me? I am still confused as to why we vote….because the popular vote does never determines who is president.

    I tell myself there are other issues to vote on besides president…but I hate the feeling that we are decieved into believing that our voice counts.

    Also, I had a elder once that said something that I thought was wise.
    People were praying (back in the late 80s) for peace, a better economy and so on…
    and the elder said, “why do you pray against what God has already said is coming? ”

    It was a weird thought, but provoking nevertheless. If God said there will be wars, rumors of wars….and so on……well, I don’t know if these are the end times, but I have to trust that it all is in his hands.

    abortion? well that is a whole nother issue. I believe that if we change the hearts of people…and let the love of God lead their hearts… won’t matter if abortion is legal, free, or with a bonus check for doing it….because there will be no demand for it, if their hearts are right.

    It’s not laws that keep people from murdering…….it’s their hearts.

    just my opinion.

  4. Dear Jane
    I have to heartily agree with you, laws will not turn the hearts of the father’s to their children but the love of God will. When we realise that the State and who leads is not as important as our own walk with God in our own neighbourhoods we will make more of a difference. When our neighbourhoods realise we care for them as people and are not standing in judgement over them all the time we will make more of a difference. After all King Artaxerxes was used by God to help rebuild Jerusalem, he wasn’t a believer, and Mordecai helped to save a King’s life even though he wasn’t especially helpful to the Jews in his Kingdom. How you care for those around you will make more of a difference to the abortion rate than the laws of the nation.

  5. Thank you, Jane and Joanna – I so agree with you. Transformation of the heart must be our main priority. But, based on the Holy Scriptures, that does not give me an excuse to neglect my God-ordained responsibility to vote. (See my response to comments in Voting Booth Faith – II.)

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