Veterans Day was Yesterday


Veterans Day was yesterday.  But our military is still on duty today – and every day – so I’m stretching out the holiday to take a further look… 


Seven years ago, we lived in a state which had several military bases surrounding our community.  On the street where we lived, I think there were probably a dozen military families, both active and retired.  Getting to know those neighbors was an eye-opening experience.


Near the end of July that year, my husband and I attended a formal ceremony for a neighbor who was retiring from the Navy after 23 years.  We felt privileged to receive an invitation to the event and were deeply moved by the pomp, the speeches, and the awards presented.  I was also impressed by the gratitude the Navy officials expressed to our neighbor’s wife and daughter, for their supportive and sacrificial roles.  


As we observed, I noted that October 31st was quoted as the retirement date.  That was yet three months away, so apparently our friend’s retirement wasn’t technically official until then.  A party at his home followed the ceremony.  I was again impacted as I overheard conversations among the uniformed guests.  Their mindset seemed different.  Their discussions, even their humor, centered on a life bigger than themselves. 


Then came September 11th.  With his official retirement only a few weeks away, our neighbor was called back to active duty.  In days, he would be leaving his wife and teenage daughter for another two years.  During conversations we had with him before he left, not once did we hear a word of complaint.  His  humility and willingness to serve our country made a profound impression.


What a staggering realization, that thousands of people like our neighbor have been serving and protecting our country for decades, with little recognition…that so much goes on behind the scenes which we never hear about.   


Romans 13:7 says to give honor to whom honor is due.  Men and women of the United States Military – every person in every branch  –  and your families – I make no apology for taking a second day to recognize your sacrifice.  Thank You.


4 Responses

  1. Hi there!
    What an awesome point you made.. taking a day extra to reminisce on the men and women we so easily forget about.

    I’m looking forward to more of your blogs. 🙂 Blessings,

  2. Very moving, Grace. Through Soldiers’ Angels, I have come to know many soldiers (and some of their loved ones) and I am always in awe of their unselfishness and willingness to do what is (in their views) right and what is necessary.

    God Bless our troops!!! And God Bless those who love and support them!!!

  3. How true in all you said! and how much we need to take the time to thank those who protect us with their lives.

  4. Good post, Gracie. Do you hate being called Gracie like I do??

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