Denying Winter – Chap. 2


Happy Saturday.  Well, this is day number 61 of my denial of winter.  With my optimistic, sunny-side-up, glass-half-full kind of mentality, though, I shall instead proclaim that it’s Day Number Sixty-one of glorious Autumn!  I’m enjoying it immensely.  Love cooking  them cozy comfort foods.  And raking’s getting easier.



2 Responses

  1. I had to laugh at your first “winter denial” post, because I also love fall, and am also in denial – but at the other end of the spectrum. Here in So. Cal. we are begging summer to release it’s grasp rather than denying winter’s (early) arrival! 🙂 It’s the “it’s 80 degrees outside, and I’m wearing a sweater anyway because the calendar says fall” mentality. 🙂

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