Christmas Decorating on a Very Low Budget


I am a fanatic for light.  And I absolutely LOVE Christmas lights!  There’s just something special about getting up early in the morning – or staying up late at night – maybe with a cup of warm apple cider – for a time of quiet solitude by the lights of the Christmas tree.  So peaceful.  So comforting.    


One year, after the season was over, I just wasn’t ready to give up the joy I got from our Christmas lights.  So I asked Hero to put a string of them in my walk-in closet.  Bless his heart, he did it without teasing.  For weeks, I enjoyed the extended season of hope from those tiny beacons, in the seclusion of my prayer closet. 


One of my favorite spots in our house right now centers around the reflecting sparkle and glitter of our coffee table. 



The table is unique, but the same effect can be achieved easily.  Over a period of time, I collected mismatched crystal and/or glass candle holders from Goodwill.  They’re really cheap inexpensive there.  Set them on a mirror.  Mirriors are also plentiful and priced low at Goodwill.  Instead of candles, place gold or silver balls in the candle holders.  Place a string of lights around the display.  I got mine at Wal-mart for $2.  Add a bit of silver garland, and, voila!  Warm dazzle.  Cool price!



By the way, if you haven’t discovered it yet, you really need to check out Nicole’s blog at    She is in the midst of a fabulous 8-day Holiday Extravaganza of Gifts, Deals & GIVEAWAYS!  And even though she’s well into it, you can still sign up for any and all of her great – and I do mean really cool – giveaway stuff! 



8 Responses

  1. I love your coffee table!

  2. Wow…..I love it. I’m like you….I AM ADDICTED TO MY LIGHTS.

    No joke.

    Thank you for sharing…….it’s gorgeous!

  3. That is great and so it!
    -sandy toes

  4. Oooh! Here’s an alternate idea – put a sheet of vellum under the window so that the lights are a warm glow under the candlesticks!!

  5. Thanks for the link, Grace…its been so fun posting some great products. Love the table…what a great idea!

  6. Hi! Definatley try the dip. You’ll love it. I love your idea with the candle holders. I love creating decor on a budget.

  7. Hello Grace. Thank you for visiting me at Seasons for All. I appreciate Jo-Lynne suggesting you stop by, and I thought I would visit you, too!

    I love your idea for lights! My Godfather owned a lamp shop years and years ago, and I used to walk up and down the isles as a young girl picking out the lamps I loved. I was also very clear about the ones I didn’t love, too! I can so relate to your love of lights!

    It was a pleasure visiting you, and I’ll be back to visit you, too!


  8. Thank you for your comment about the version. In short, it worked! This baby is vertex…now onto a VBAC, hopefully.

    This is a lovely post and a lovely idea. I really enjoy the twinkly sparkly-ness that is Christmas decorating. I could be satisfied with just that.

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