A Must-Have Christmas CD – Giveaway!



I am too new at blogging to know how to download music yet.  But there’s a CD that you just have to hear – “A Christmas Dream.”   It is absoloutely dreamy.  Robin Berry, a harpist, and two other musicians, Bobby Schnitzer (guitar) and David Young (recorder) have put together one of the most captivating instrumental Christmas CDs ever.  Their arrangements of familiar carols and original music are breathtakingly beautiful.   This is ideal background music for making Christmas cookies, to wrap gifts by, for a party or candlelight dinner, or for cozying up with your special one by the lights of the tree. 


For your own blessing, check out samples of their music below.  Once you get to the site, just scroll down a little bit to “A Christmas Dream.”



In fact, I’m so sold on their CD, I think I’ll turn this post into a GIVEAWAY!  Here’s the rules:

        * Just check out the sample songs at the above website and leave a comment telling which you liked best and why. 

         * This offer closes by 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, the 10th. 

         * Make sure you leave your email address so I’m able to contact the winner.

         * Which I’ll announce by Friday, the 12th.  


This is a short Giveaway because I want the winner to have the CD in plenty of time to enjoy it going into Christmas!   


By the way, I’m doing this totally because I love Robin Berry’s music.  I get no kickback from promoting the CD.  🙂  Oh, one other thing, Robin’s CD “Oasis” is fabulous, too!  


And, if there’s anyone out there willing to tell me how to download music onto my blog, you’ll be my special friend.  lol


10 Responses

  1. Umm guess who else cannot download music? Yep…me! My very tech savvy family (3 teens and a hubby) think I’m bonkers…but that sorta intimidates me.

    I am sure it’s very easy. I think I’ll ask……and when they tell…..I’ll be sure to share. It has to be simple enough, right?

    O…..I love Feliz Navidad & Ave Maria Bach
    Sweet sounds!

  2. I know how to download from a CD to iTunes, but I do not know how to get it on my blog! 😦 Yet! We’ll get there, huh, Wanda?

  3. I love harp music! I’ve never heard of this cd, but I listened to a few of the sample songs and I can say which is a fave because I liked all that I heard!! I have always loved What Child is This though! Please enter me in your giveaway!

    You asked about the movie The Homecoming” Im not sure where you might could rent it, but it can be purchased at amazon.com and sometimes Walmart has it.

  4. oh about adding music to your blog… go to http://www.playlist.com and download music there then add the html code to your blog!

  5. Beautiful! I loved Carol of The Bells. Harp music is so soothing! Thanks for the chance at this awesome give a way ! 🙂

  6. I wish I knoew how to download music to tell you how!!! I hope you do get it figured out! Then you can tell me. he he

    Many blessings!

  7. It’s beautiful! I am always looking to add to my Christmas music repertoire! I love the intro to “Hark the Herlad Angels Sing”! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Hi Grace! What a great CD, I’ve never heard of them before, and I’m glad I have now. My personal favorite is Ave Maria, but that is also one of my favorite songs. Hope that you are having a good week and staying safe in the snow and ice!

  9. I just love Hark. In most forms. So that is probably my fav, but the Ave Maria is just lovely!

  10. This AM I sent a note to a dear friend and sister in the Lord. I wanted to send a bit of Christmas Cheer to her. The cancer that had been in remission for 6 years came back with a vengence. I Googled Christmas Cheer and came up with alot of revelant options, but nothing touched my heart as your story about your warm coat. I cut and pasted and sent her my love with a smile and trusting God for His comfort and blessings to come her way.

    How, totally helpless I feel when I ‘note’ her with our Jesus involved.

    Thank you Grace for your commitment to Abbah, and how you can make a story about a coat fun with Jesus attached. Yiu make me smile.

    I played the music by harp and enjoyed it so! Tucking the link in your blog is so creative of you! Smile.

    Love you, Grace! Smile.

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