Favorite Words – And a Winner!


Yesterday, Ruby Red Slippers http://lionstigersandboysohmy.blogspot.com/ posted a review on the upcoming movie, “Yes!” starring Jim Carrey – in theatres December 19th.  Reading her post reminded me that I have certain favorite words.  I know that may sound crazy, but, I do.  HOPE is one of them.  I have a synthetic, fist-sized rock on my desk engraved with that word – a gift from my very clever sister.  I also have letters on a shelf in our living room which spell out that wonderfully positive word.  And, a little metal, oval, pebble with the word.  And a new Sterling Silver ring…  You get the idea.  I love the word HOPE.  It holds such promise.


My other favorite word just happens to be YES.  When my boys were little, I told them that I loved to say “yes” to them.  And that I would say it as much as possible…  That the only time I said “no” is when I had to, for their benefit or protection.  Amanda, at I Am Mommy illustrated this in the sweetest way in her post on November 11th, titled “First Snow.”  http://iammommy.typepad.com/my_weblog/page/2/


I don’t have any items engraved with the word YES, but I do have stickers inside my kitchen cupboard.  You know, those stickers that come with solicitations for magazine subscriptions, and stuff?  I save the Yes-es.  I’m not sure how this is going to all work out if/after I see the movie.  Maybe I’ll be peeling them off my cupboard door.  But, for now, I totally enjoy their uplifting influence in the morning every time I open that door and reach for a mug. 


What about you?  Do you have any favorite words?  (G-rated ones.)





It was all very scientific how I came up with the winner for Robin Berry’s music CD, “A Christmas Dream.”  I wrote down the name of each commenter, and numbered them in chronological order.  At one comment per qualified person (remember the rules), I came up with numbers 1 – 6.  Then, without giving my son any explanation, I asked him to choose a number from one to six.  He said, “Five.”  So that makes Nichole the winner!


However, Nichole just happens to go to my church.  For a first-time giveaway, even though it was completely unrigged, that makes this a little scary.   But that’s okay because this is the Christmas season, and I LOVE to give gifts to people who don’t expect them.  Soooo, I have decided to give a free CD to everyone who posted a comment in this giveaway, who reads this post and contacts me by noon Saturday!  (Gotta move quickly so I can order the CDs and get them shipped to you – and Nichole – before Christmas.)  There’s not a link to my email address on my blog yet, so please contact me through my website: www.gracedove.com and send your mailing address.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!


3 Responses

  1. thanks for stopping by! The pictures do not even begin to depict how beautiful it was.

  2. WOw…..So generous! Thanks, Grace.
    Love this idea! Wanda

  3. I am SO excited! Thanks…..for the tip….I have been in the car a bunch 😉

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