Guess What I Want For Christmas!


Christmas Wish List


Here’s a list of things I’d like for Christmas.  Or not.  But which is which?  See if you can match items 1 through 10 with clues a. through j.   If we don’t lose power from the coming snow and/or ice storm, I’ll post the answers Friday.  Here we go…


1.) Chocolate-covered Pretzels

2.) DVD – Scarlet Pimpernel” – Starring Jane Seymour

3.) Hires Root Beer

4.) Trip to Hawaii

5.) Poinsettia

6.) Chia Pet

7.) Diamonds

8.) Goodwill Gift Card

9.) Dual Bag Vacuum Cleaner

10.) Rubbermaid Spatulas with wood handles


a.) Hero and sons have threatened for years to give this to me.

b.) Difficult to find, but I finally found a source.

c.) A woman can never have too many of these!

d.) Saw this years ago and have wanted it ever since.

e.) I already have too many.

f.) Have zero interest in this.

g.) I want this but please don’t give it to me.

h.) Limitless potential.

i.) Makes me feel guilty.



What’s on your list?

2 Responses

  1. First, thank you for being so kind in saying that you’d want to come help me clean…that really is so sweet of you! Secondly, this post is so fun and creative! I love it! And although I still don’t know you that well, I wanna take a shot at it. 🙂 There’s so many ways I could go with my answers, but here it goes 🙂

    1. i
    2. d
    3. b
    4. a
    5. g
    6. f
    7. c
    8. h
    9. j (that’s an awesome commercial…hilarious!)
    10. e

  2. 1- c
    2- d (I have a homemade VHS of this!!)
    3- b
    4- g
    5- i
    6- a
    7- f (I’ll take one though!!)
    8- h
    9- 9 (I’m stealing this you tube for my blog!!)
    10- e

    That’s my best guess! What a cute idea!!

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