Oh, Joy! An Answer to Prayer!


God Answers Prayer!

I just had the most wonderful thing happen!  I’ve been out Christmas shopping most of the day, and have everything pretty much finished.  Except for one person, (and I can’t say who).  I’ve been thinking and thinking about what to get for this one, and, just this afternoon, finally came up with a great idea.  Problem was, this item is hard to find.  It’s no longer available.  Unless I look some place like eBay.  And on December 18th, it would be a little tricky, if not flat out wishful thinking, to expect to bid on something and get it shipped to me in time for Christmas.   


So, I did what any Princess should.  I talked to the King.  Because if anyone can accomplish the impossible, it’s The King.  Well, I kid you not, it’s probably been less than two hours since I prayed and I already have the answer!  The name of someone popped into my head, who I thought might be able to steer me in the right direction for this gift.  When I explained what I was hunting for, they said, “Oh, I have that! …” 


For obvious reasons, I can’t give details about what this item is, or who it’s for, but that’s not the point here anyway.  I just want to brag on The King!  He is so AWESOME.  You can talk to Him ANY time, ANY place, about ANY thing!   


I wonder how much we miss out on because we don’t bother discussing little details with Him!   I learned years ago, and it has become a “life motto” for me:  “It is better to ask God for too much, and have Him decide the answer needs to be ‘No,’ than to ask Him for too little and disappoint Him with my small faith.”


2 Responses

  1. This is wonderful!! Stories like this are my favorite and thank you for sharing this praise!

  2. That is so cute. I’m sure He sees it like your 5 yo coming to you and asking for help. You are His princess!

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