Guess What I Want for Christmas – The Answers





King of Kings


Okay, here we go:


1.) Chocolate-Covered Pretzels – g. ) I want this but please don’t give it to me.   Seriously, these things are sooo good that I’m better off not eating any!  Know what I mean? 


2.) DVD – “The Scarlet Pimpernel,” starring Jane Seymour – d.) Saw this years ago and have wanted it ever since.  Such a great plot.  


3.) Hires Root Beer – b.) Difficult to find, but I finally found a source.  If you haven’t tasted Hires Root Beer, you haven’t tasted Root Beer!  Period.  When I was a girl, many moons ago, (many), it was a rare family treat to have Hires Root Beer floats.  Delicious!  Well, I finally discovered that you can order it through Home Town Favorites:    They specialize in nostalgic toys, goodies, and apothacary – like “Evening in Paris” perfume!  Check it out.


4.) Trip to Hawaii – f.) Have zero interest in this.  Seriously.  No offense to Hawaii, but it just isn’t on my “I’d-love-to-go-there” list. 


5.) Poinsettia – i.) Makes me feel guilty.  Here’s why.  Unlike Michelle at This One’s for the Girls:  I have a knack for keeping Poinsettias alive.  I mean, they thrive in my house.  And I just do not want a bloomin’ poinsettia in May.  But I feel guilty if I throw out a live plant.    And I can’t bring myself to deprive it of water.  So, Hero finally disposes of it when I’m not home.  No matter.  I still feel guilty.  So, please, no poinsettia.


6.) Chia Pet – a.) Hero and our sons have threatened to give this to me for years.  Every year I beg them not to.  What if it thrived like the poinsettia?


7.) Diamonds – e.) I already have too many.  Ha-ha-ha!  Actually, I think c.) g.) and i.) might also apply here. 


8.) Goodwill Gift Card – h.) Limitless potential.  This speaks for itself.   


9.) Dual Bag Vacuum Cleaner – j.) If you haven’t checked out this website, you really need to.  And  do it now, while there’s still time to show it to your hubby before Christmas!   


10.) Rubbermaid Spatulas with wood handles – c.) A woman can never have too many of these!  I’m not kidding.  I use them all the time, sometimes several while cooking one meal.  Mine are getting worn out, and I haven’t been able to find replacements – anywhere!  Please, if you know where I can find Rubbermaid Spatulas with wood handles, tell me!   I’ve purchased expensive, gourmet brand spatulas but they don’t compare.  I want something flexible, with a good edge.  Not those plastic, inflexible things, and not something with such a rounded edge that they don’t do the job – like the ______ brand, which I paid $8.00 a piece for! 


There you have it.  My Wish List for Christmas, 2008.


4 Responses

  1. I like my Pampered Chef spatulas. A lot.

    Can’t believe you don’t want to go to Hawaii. I loved Hawaii. But then, I love anywhere with a beach. 🙂

  2. Okay…too funny! I can totally relate!! First, chocolate covered pretzels are addictive – I made some last year and ate them all! I love them. I also have no real desire to go to Hawaii (I really don’t like the beach). And, the Chia Pet – my mom always threatens that one year she is going to buy everyone’s Christmas presents from infomercials…I think she’s joking, but I’m always a little concerned. 😉
    I hope you get everything on your wishlist. 🙂 And may you have a very Merry Christmas with your family.

  3. This was so fun! And I’ve gotta try Hires root beer some time! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. My HH has a green thumb, too. He can keep a poinsettia going for months. People come to our house and chuckle in March but I just say “aren’t they beautiful?” Cuz they are. Any time of year.

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