I’m a Happy Empty-Nest Mom




 As any empty-nest mom knows, it’s a happy day when all the “kids” are home.  And mine are.  Including our oldest son, (center) a lst Lieutenant in the Air Force, who arrived home on Christmas Eve…just like the Hallmark card commercial.  While all the chicks (in my case, men!) are in the nest, this blogging mom will be keeping it short and sweet. 


Hero and I just returned from a three-day trip to visit our families, with our three sons and daughter-in-law.   Shown with us here are my In-Awes (a term I learned, and love, from Shalee at Shalee’s Diner – see Blog Roll.) 


I’m still speechless from the sheer wonder of what a gift family is.  This is the Christmas season, but I am definitely in Thanksgiving mode!


9 Responses

  1. Beautiful family and wonderful words. Have a blessed New Years and new Year!

    God bless you-

  2. Your family is beautiful! You enjoy each and every moment! Happy New Year

  3. What handsome sons you have! And a pretty daughter-in-awe too. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful family you have! I feel the same way-it meant so much to me to have my kids home at Christmas, and we enjoyed our granddaughter so much, she made Christmas extra fun this year!

  5. Ah – is that what you look like! Great picture! Enjoy enjoy enjoy gathering your chicks to your self!

  6. Grace…..I’m smiling ear to ear. Your family is precious! So beautiful! I know you are thrilled to be busy with all of them. I love being a mom so much! I can’t imagine them leaving the nest yet. Even though……it’s coming this next year for one of mine.
    I have truly enjoyed being a wife and mother to my family. I can tell you have to.
    Enjoy your time. Play, eat, share, and hug a lot! 🙂

  7. What a beautiful family! And you are so right, what a precious gift from the Giver of all good things!

  8. Hm… as a single gal. i can greatly appreciate the fact that your sons are CUTE! lol. 😛

  9. Dear Grace, You have been my example of ‘family’. I think of how right it is this example would come from you and and your hubby. Your mother passed on a very precious legacy to you. And for a while you and I experienced it together. Oh, how blessed I am to have the memory. . . However, I have adapted it for my life without children. This Christmas my home and my life provided a place for two women to rest and to be safe from their life of bad choices. . . Your mother provided that legacy and now you and I can pass it on.
    What a compassion God has for us, Grace, and so creative. . . SMILE!

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