Big Milk Splat



Who would ever guess that a plastic, gallon jug of milk, when dropped from a level of three to four feet, could make such a spectacular splat?  Maybe the plastic was brittle from just coming in out of the cold.  I don’t know.  What I do know is it split open at the bottom, and milk gushed out, spreading a puddle of Fat Free on the floor at the base of the fridge, ran under a door, over the threshold, and into the pantry.



Milk fairly exploded from that jug, spattering floors, walls, fridge, doors, cupboards, dishwasher, oven, and counters.  It flew across the room, through the window screen above the kitchen sink, and messed my west-facing view.  Clean dishes drying in the drainer by the sink were suddenly destined for a second washing.  Not even the cupboard molding near the ceiling was spared



Moo juice dripped from hair, spectacles, jacket, gloves, pants, and shoes.  And would you believe there was still a good half gallon left in the container?



The whole event made such a colossal mess, all I could do was laugh in utter disbelief.  (Make that udder disbelief.)  No, I did not take pictures.  The last thing I wanted was a milk moustache on my camera.



This happened Friday night, right as I was about to begin cooking supper.  We ate Carry Out.