Week of Extremes


Wind Chill -51 degrees below zero.


The last few days have been ones of extremes… 


Extremely little sleep:  Late to bed.  Hero snored. 

Extremely early hour:  Up at 4:15 to get Handsome Son # 3 to hospital by 6 a.m. for surgery.  See Thanksgiving – 10 Reasons to Give Thanks      And ATracks in the Snow      

Extremely white knuckles:  Riding with Hero and said son through snow accumulated from all-night-long-and-still-going-on blizzard, to hospital. 

Extreme concern:  Son in surgery.  What mother wouldn’t freak be concerned? 

Extreme gratitude:  For those who spend years in school to become nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, orthopedic surgeons.  And for organ donors…in our case, an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) donor.       

Extreme vigilance:  24/7   Wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Extreme anguish (mine):  Remove brace.  Watch son follow doctor’s orders to try to bend leg the day after surgery.  “I’ve experienced new meaning for the word ‘pain,’” said son, who has a very high pain tolerance.

Extreme cold:  Woke this morning to learn we live in the coldest place in the U.S. (today) with a whopping wind chill of -51 degrees below zero.  I did not go out to bring in the mail.

Extreme beauty:  How can it be deadly cold, yet so beautiful?   


Extreme trepidation: First Physical Therapy session Friday.  Several people have told us/son that the pain from ACL surgery’s P.T. is excruciating.

Extreme gratitude:  For prayers; for our son’s caring friends.

Extreme wimpyness:  Wish I could breeze through this without so much angst.  But I’m a mom.  That’s what we do.  What I do.   

Extreme trust:  Lord, he’s in Your hands.