Week of Extremes


Wind Chill -51 degrees below zero.


The last few days have been ones of extremes… 


Extremely little sleep:  Late to bed.  Hero snored. 

Extremely early hour:  Up at 4:15 to get Handsome Son # 3 to hospital by 6 a.m. for surgery.  See Thanksgiving – 10 Reasons to Give Thanks      And ATracks in the Snow      

Extremely white knuckles:  Riding with Hero and said son through snow accumulated from all-night-long-and-still-going-on blizzard, to hospital. 

Extreme concern:  Son in surgery.  What mother wouldn’t freak be concerned? 

Extreme gratitude:  For those who spend years in school to become nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, orthopedic surgeons.  And for organ donors…in our case, an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) donor.       

Extreme vigilance:  24/7   Wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Extreme anguish (mine):  Remove brace.  Watch son follow doctor’s orders to try to bend leg the day after surgery.  “I’ve experienced new meaning for the word ‘pain,’” said son, who has a very high pain tolerance.

Extreme cold:  Woke this morning to learn we live in the coldest place in the U.S. (today) with a whopping wind chill of -51 degrees below zero.  I did not go out to bring in the mail.

Extreme beauty:  How can it be deadly cold, yet so beautiful?   


Extreme trepidation: First Physical Therapy session Friday.  Several people have told us/son that the pain from ACL surgery’s P.T. is excruciating.

Extreme gratitude:  For prayers; for our son’s caring friends.

Extreme wimpyness:  Wish I could breeze through this without so much angst.  But I’m a mom.  That’s what we do.  What I do.   

Extreme trust:  Lord, he’s in Your hands.


13 Responses

  1. Extremes. I guess it’s only in these extremes where we appreciate what the Lord has for us. And we turn to him more. Also, it adds adventure into our lives doesn’t it? Imagine is everything is normal… boring… mediocre… 😛

  2. Hopeful for your son’s quick recovery. No fun!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog…

    I like the way you used Extreme to explain your circumstances. I am thankful that the surgery went well. I pray for a speedy recovery…

    I loved the snow picture!

  4. Thanks be to God–He holds all extremes in His extremely careful and sovereign hands!

  5. Oh Grace! I could relate to every one of your feelings you had about your son. So sorry to hear about his accident. Stay strong mom! Prayers going your way…

  6. Oh, I will pray for your son! Yes, he truly is in God’s hands! I am so glad that I stopped by your blog!!

  7. Well, now I know that you don’t stop worrying even when they go to college. A mother’s work is never done.

  8. I love the way you did this post and I pray your son will bounce back quickly! The extreme trust at the end was an awesome way to end it! 🙂

  9. Saying a prayer for your son for a quick recovery. It’s hard to watch your child have to go through pain.

  10. how’s your son?

  11. “My soul wait for God only. ”
    He cares.
    He understands.
    He feels your pain.
    He is near.
    He is working.
    He is steady.

    I’m sorry ,Grace, that your son is hurting.
    Love you, Grace!

  12. Grace

    You are a trooper for sure!!

  13. Grace

    Thank you for sharing your families story with us all– Its nice to hear what women are thinking and feeling and to know we can draw strength from the lord and each other–
    we all go throught trials and testings– and just some hard stuff — Thank you for sharing the ups and the downs and letting us all know He is there and that he cares and he is working on our behalf
    love you and appreciate you

    hugs Joyce

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