“Writing for the Soul” Conference




        If you love to write, you need to know about the “Writing for the Soul” conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, coming up February 19-22.  I attended last year and was blown away by its standard of excellence.  From orientation to keynote speakers, clinics, classes & workshops, worship, and meals, everything challenged us to be, and do, our best.  For a first-timer, I was comforted by the hospitality of conference staff, and heartened by the accessibility to editors and agents.  Yes, we even ate meals with them.


        Hosted by best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins, this is the conference that will either define or confirm your call to write.  Rather than try to tell you more…okay, I’ll just mention that Gary Chapman and Karen Kingsbury will be keynote speakers…this is a condensed invitation to join me at the best writers’ conference ever.  For full-color info, check out the link.  It’s still not too late to register:  http://www.christianwritersguild.com/