Valentine Seeds


        Like crocuses peeking through snow, spring seed catalogs start poking from our mail boxes about this time of year.  They’re a welcome reminder in mid-winter that spring is coming and it’s time to choose our seeds.

        When I was a little girl, the arrival of those seed catalogs signaled another exciting event.  Making Valentines!  With our mother, we gathered an array of crayons, heart-shaped doilies, construction paper, lace, and ribbon scraps.  Obviously, this was back before scrapbooking.  We kids paged through those colorful catalogs, searching for, and cutting out, pictures of the most beautiful flowers and fruit.

        Using flour-and-water paste – I know, by now you’re wondering just how old am I – we crafted each Valentine with childish joy, and lots of imagination.  We cut.  We folded.  We layered heart upon heart.  We carefully wove ribbon through scissored slots and doily designs. 

But to us it was our seed catalog clippings that were the crowning glory of every card.  Photos of forget-me-nots, tulips, daisies, and roses all seemed to add a special touch of fairytale romance; even though the intended recipients were mostly parents, grandparents, and elderly neighbors.  I doubt any of those seed companies could have known that, to our young and innocent hearts, the arrival of gardening catalogs meant it was time for sowing seeds of love.                                      ~~~~

I am so grateful that my mother instilled in us, at such an early age, a focus away from ourselves, and a sensitivity toward others, especially the elderly.  There’s still plenty of time to do that this Valentine’s Day.