Surprise Party for Winston – Countdown to Valentine’s Day – 5



          Just in case DM from  I Also Live on a Farm  is looking, yes, I admit I – ahem – “borrowed” this photo from your blog.  How else was I gonna keep it a secret from Winston?  See, I needed a visual to entice readers.

Okay y’all, you remember Winston, right?  Friday Feature  (((If you don’t have her on your blog roll yet, why not?)  For a brief recap, Winston is the world’s sweetest girl pig.  Or at least the most indulged.  Yep, that’s her mailbox in the photo.  (No, I am not kidding.)  How many pigs do you know who have their own mailing address? 

Well, I want to throw a surprise card party for this precocious porkess.  And you’re invited.  Yep, I think she needs a card blitz for Valentine’s Day…an extravaganza of love poured out via the U.S. Post Office.  Let’s overload her mailbox.  Let’s shock the mailman.  Let’s…have a little fun…

I don’t have the liberty to give her address here but you can get it from:  I Also Live on a Farm  (by requesting it in the comment box there.)  Take your kids to this blog site.  Read with them about Winston.  Giggle with them at the photos.  (She’s letting her hair grow out for winter.)  Then send Winston some love (cards) for Valentine’s Day.  Who knows, maybe Winston will pose for pics with her mail. 

And, would you do me a favor…If you “come to the party,” would you drop me a comment?  I’m eager to hear your (and your kids’) comments.   

UPDATE:  I just got permission to give out Winston’s address, so you can write to me: or get it by leaving a comment on Winston’s blog: I Also Live on a Farm    Spread the word.  According to DM, Winston’s been a little lonely lately!   


4 Responses

  1. This cute..I will show my we send him a valentine card? where is the address? I did not see it on the other site…he is a cute pig:)!
    -sandy toe

  2. Yes! Send Valentines! You can get the address by requesting it in the comment space of that blog.

  3. You are SO thoughtful Grace…I know Winston will be excited..she’s been a little lonely lately..this would surely cheer her up…Grace, if people write you directly, feel free to give them her address since I know you know it…

  4. 😦 Sorry we didn’t get to this.

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