Oh, By Hed


  It’s 3:17 a.eb.  Everyone is sleebig.  Excebd be.  Oh, by hed.  I ab bizerable.  By sinuses hurd.  By chest feels tighd ad weak.  By body aches.  Even by scalb hurds.  I cad sleeb.  The hours are log.  By fever goes ub ad dowd.   

A peeg ad by Vigtoria's Segred PJs.

A peeg ad by Vigtoria's Segred PJs.


          Oh, by fredz, eat healthy!  Stay away frob sweeds.  Dode over-ead.  It taxes your ibude system and makes you suscebdible to stuvv like this.  Ugh!


          In the quiet of the house, I sit and read my Bible.  And I see this:  “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.”  Isaiah 42:3 

          Thank you so very much for your prayers.  Your friendship is a gift.  By His grace, I will get through this. 


          Bud ride dow, I’b nod a very pergy blogger.          

14 Responses

  1. I do hope you are over this mess soon! Sending prayers up now!

  2. awwww! i’m sorry for your sucky sickness. will pray!!!

    but, your writing.. so cute!! 😀

  3. Oh Grace….You cracked me up this morning when I opened up your msg. I hope you get better quick. It’s misery, huh?
    I feel rotten again today. This chest congestion is a killer. I’m sending you “get well wishes”!

    Bless your heart!

  4. This is so funny! It’s not funny that you’re sick, but the writing was hilarious. Get better!!!

  5. Okay, that was too funny!! I’m sorry that you don’t feel well, but I’m glad you can have a sense of humor about it…espeically at 3 a.m.! (That’s when it is the hardest for me to have a good attitude!) Still praying that you feel better quickly.

  6. Poor you! Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Goodness gracious. Chicken soup! Hot Tea! Take good care of yourself.

    My inlaws from Iowa are here for a week, and I plan on resting and taking it easy while they are here! (After the colonoscopy tomorrow…ick!)

    I can’t take anything for colds while nursing, so I have gotten pretty good at finding alternative methods for getting well….but thank the Good Lord, I haven’t been really sick this year.

  8. Oh you poor thing. Hopefully the family is spoiling you. Praying it will be better quickly!

  9. LOL. Your comment on my post really cracked me up and now I come here and see more…or is that “bore?” Get better sweetie!

  10. 😦 feel bedder soon.

  11. Praying for you. Get well soon!

  12. That was some serious funny!!! I pray you are feeling better soon.

  13. I read this again and I’m still crackin’ up! And I love your fashion sense. You are a fashion icon 😉

  14. I don’t know if my email went through, but you won “Dinner with a Perfect Stranger” in my giveawy, Grace. Email me before the week is out please with your mailing particulars and I’ll get it out to you right away. Congrats. Hopefully a good read will make the time pass more quickly as you get better.

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