WFMW – Staying Healthy



        I’ve never before participated in the “Works for Me Wednesday” blog carnival, originated by Rocks in My Dryer and now hosted by

But, because of the current Swine Flu scare, I feel compelled to share what works for me to stay healthy.  And I mean it.  Even when I’m around sick people, I  generally don’t catch what they’ve got. 


These are all really “no brainer” points, but I’ve been amazed to learn how many people overlook them.  So, here they are:

1.)             Keep short accounts with God.  Refuse to harbor sin in your heart.  Repent.  Confess it.  Now. 

2.)             Keep short accounts with people.  Bitterness, jealousy, anger, hatred, unforgiveness, etc. all create stress on the physical body which weakens one’s immune system.      

3.)             Stay away from sugar.  Sugar weakens the immune system.  We don’t want wimpy immune systems right now, do we?

4.)             Stay away from sugar.  Yes, I did just repeat myself. 

5.)             Stay away from white flour.  (See above point # 3.)

6.)             Stay away from junk foods, including diet soda and prepackaged foods with lots of additives.  Eat home-cooked meals.

Don’t overeat.  It’s easier on your system to eat lighter meals more often. 

7.)             Eat greens – broccoli, spinach, asparagus, turnip greens, collard greens – lots of them.  And plenty of fruit, whole grains, seeds and nuts…   You know, a healthy diet.    

8.)             Avoid negativity – whether it’s news, TV, people, activities, or your own thoughts.

9.)             Get plenty of sleep.

10)      Drink plenty of water.    

11.)        Stay in relationship with God the Father, through the Lord Jesus Christ.  Read the Bible.  Pray.  Worship.  Enjoy Him.    

Unless I’ve violated one or more of the above, this almost always works for me.   










Perfect Conditions for An Air Show


US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team - 50th Anniversary

US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team - 50th Anniversary

          Couldn’t have asked for more perfect conditions.  The “Wings Over Wayne” (county) Air Show was spectacular.  Sky was clear.  Temp was high 80s, sweat-soaked-clothing weather.  And the UVA/UVB rays served up a mess o’ southern vitamin D. 

          We did indeed slather on the SPF 30, over and over.  It worked great wherever we put it.  I ended up with a spot of bad sunburn on my elbow and on one ear, which was most humbling since I’d repeatedly harped on Hero and Handsome Son # 2 to make sure they put it on their ears. 


Working on a left-ear sunburn.

Working on a left-ear sunburn.







Even though I applied it over and over on my feet too, I also now have strips of sunburn between the straps of my sandals.  Documented that with my camera but after proofing the photos, decided…Hmmmm, nuh–uh…not posting this one.

The time we got our car into line outside the A.F. base to get into the air show, park, then walk at least a mile across part of the flightline, go through security, etc., until we found a spot to place our folding chairs, took a little over two hours. 


Hundreds found shade under the wings of giant aircraft.  Not us!

Hundreds found shade under the wings of giant aircraft. Not us!







The sights, sounds, smells, and displays – on the ground and in the sky – had us on sensory overload. I tried to capture some of them but almost never got a sharp focus.  Just try photographing an F-15e Strike Eagle in flight!  I attempted it over and over.  Here’s my favorite shot. 

The jaw-dropping F-15e Strike Eagle

The jaw-dropping F-15e Strike Eagle




Hero & H.S. #2, waiting for up-close view of Strike Eagle cockpit.

Hero & H.S. #2, waiting for up-close view of Strike Eagle cockpit.



Mission accomplished - count the legs.

Mission accomplished - count the legs.

The highlights are way more than I can document now – since I need to get into the kitchen to start Parmesan Chicken – so I’ll sum it up by confessing that I want to go again next year.  Reeeeally want to! 

 Oh, alright.  Here you go: 


Sunny Souvenirs

Wings Over Wayne


Writing from our hotel to say it’ll probably be a few days before I post again.  I’ve come to Goldsboro, North Carolina for the weekend to attend this:


Yes, I’m tagging along with the guys again. Very joyfully.  Been doing that for almost 29  years, and this event looks like a blast!  Besides, what mom doesn’t love being with her sons?  I’m going to slather on the SPF 30 and do my best to get some great pictures. 



My Dream Job



I would love to have a job as a bartender.  I realize that tending bar and Christianity don’t seem compatible.  In reality, I guess they aren’t.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for serving the drink which happened to be one-too-many. 

But I wish it were possible because I love people and I love to alleviate suffering.   Lord knows, there are a lot of hurting people who need a listening ear.  He knows there are hoards of people who long for a place of refuge to hang out.  A place where you can stop in unannounced and stay as long – or as briefly – as you wish.  A place where you can really be yourself and still find acceptance.  A place where you can find support instead of condemnation; encouragement instead of scorn; advocates instead of gossips; and cheerleaders instead of critics.  A place where no one finds your talents and gifts threatening, but are, instead, celebrated.  A place where people have your back, instead of stabbing you in it.  In other words, a safe place.       

I’d whip up batches of my specialties like Venison Stew, Chili, and home made breads.  Some of the beverages on my menu: 

          Living Water

          The Sincere Milk of the Word

          A Cup of Mercy

New Wine


For desserts: Chocolate Chip Cookies, and lots of laughter. 

I just need to think up a name for my bar.  Any suggestion? 


A few of My Favorite Spring Things




Every time the seasons change, the new one is my favorite.  But Spring really is my favorite, favorite!  It evokes both nostalgic memories – visual and sensory – and present day bliss.  Here are a few things that spring means to me:


The return of robins.  I am always thrilled when I discover they’re building a nest on our property…in our young birch on the boulevard, under our deck, or  above our porch.  No kidding, for me, bird poop on the front steps is a happy sign.


Longer days.  I love that the sun is up before me, even though I rise early.  And having daylight left over to play in the evening. 


Delicate chartruse leaves.   I have noticed that in early spring, newly opened tree leaves are a “baby” green.  This delights me.  They’re tender, light, delicate.  New.  They evoke hope.


Open windows.  As soon as outdoor temps allow, I can hardly wait to throw open windows in every room.  I want breezes circulating everywhere –  cleansing, restoring, refreshing.


Lilacs.  I love them!  I grew up with them.  The back yard of the first home Hero and I owned was enclosed by lilac bushes.  They provided a lovely border for neighborhood seclusion, and the perfect shelter for little boys’ secret forts.  Plus, they smell divine.  (You know I mean the lilacs, right?) 


Just tonight, Hero and I were at Bath & Body searching for a gift for his administrative assistant, and I discovered their Slatkin & Co. candle –  Lilac Blossom!  Oh my goodness, never before have I smelled a candle which so perfectly captured the essence of fresh lilacs.  I confess.  I coveted. 


– Kids playing outdoors – random games, unstructured activities.  Chalk drawings on driveways and sidewalks.   


– The smell of grilling.   


– Laundry drying on clotheslines.  I earnestly want an outdoor clothesline.  Absolutely no laundry product can duplicate the fragrance of  linens which have dried outdoors in the sun. 


– As my title indicates, these are a few of my favorite spring things.  What are some of yours?  



Lucky Gray-haired Ladies


I envy gray-haired women.  Seriously.  It’s not that I wish I had gray hair.  I already do.  Anyone who knows me has seen it  peeking periodically from my center part and my temples.  


But I envy those sisters whose hair is completely natural.  Uncolored.  They have no worries about maintaining dyed strands.  They’re totally free from the whole thing -competition, color, maintenance… 


My older sister has gray hair.  Well, not really.  It’s silver!  And it is gorgeous!  She never has to monitor her roots.  She doesn’t spend money on salon color appointments.  Or home touch-ups.  (That would be me.)  She is liberated from it all.  And she is beautiful! 


I want that.  I want the freedom to be me the way I really am.  (At least my hair.)  


But, unlike women whose hair was allowed to  mature naturally, I must now, somehow, figure out how to make the transition from Medium Neutral Brown to gray.  What’s a girl to do?  


Have you noticed that in a salon you can get any color you want?  Except gray?  They say it’s impossible, but I don’t believe it.  Not for a minute.  I think professional hair dressers just don’t dare help women color their hair gray, because – I suspect – there’d be a stampede of women going that route.  What would that do to the hair-coloring industry? 


I tried it once, a few years ago.  I asked to have my hair streaked gray.  Can’t be done, I was told.  So my stylist gave me “highlights” instead.  It was an ugly, yellow, and very expensive, disaster.  I couldn’t wait to get home with my Wal-mart box of Clairol to repair the damage. 


Then, I was again back to square one.


Hero says he doesn’t mind my hair either way.  But he also says that, if I really want to make the change, I should let it grow out a little to start the process, and then get a really short haircut.   He also says that when he retires, he’s not going to shave or get a haircut for a year.  Maybe I’ll wait to tackle the hair issue til then, cuz I’m certain at that point no one will be looking at me. 


See how complicated life can get when you start messing with Mother Nature?  Sigh.  I want gray hair.  But how do I get there?  Other than a wig.


Am I the only one who feels this way?  Somehow, I’m certain I’m not alone.  Especially since Susan Boyle’s audition.  



Oxygen for Your Soul



I’m just curious.  Has anyone NOT heard of Susan Boyle yet?  I understand it’s had around 16 million hits already, and I wish I could include a YouTube video of her here, but apparently those videos have had the embed disabled.  Still…


 – If you want to smile…


 – If you love seeing the “underdog” triumph…


 – If you love witnessing the glory of God  through excellence…


 – If you love it when God lifts up the humble…


 – If you love watching dreams come true…


– If you need oxygen for your Soul…


 …Do yourself a gigantic favor and go to YouTube, and type in Susan Boyle.  Turn up the sound, settle back, watch and listen. 


Then, please, come back and tell me what you think.  This video, and her story, thrill me beyond words.