Oxygen for Your Soul



I’m just curious.  Has anyone NOT heard of Susan Boyle yet?  I understand it’s had around 16 million hits already, and I wish I could include a YouTube video of her here, but apparently those videos have had the embed disabled.  Still…


 – If you want to smile…


 – If you love seeing the “underdog” triumph…


 – If you love witnessing the glory of God  through excellence…


 – If you love it when God lifts up the humble…


 – If you love watching dreams come true…


– If you need oxygen for your Soul…


 …Do yourself a gigantic favor and go to YouTube, and type in Susan Boyle.  Turn up the sound, settle back, watch and listen. 


Then, please, come back and tell me what you think.  This video, and her story, thrill me beyond words.



9 Responses

  1. I love her! I’ve been seeing this make the rounds on Facebook and emails I’ve received. I think it’s just great.

  2. I was just there watching it before I came here. Incredible voice she has.

  3. EXcellent.

    Dave and I sat in front of the computer and watched/listened over and over again. I loved watching the faces of the judges. I can hardly wait until she gets made over!

  4. It’s how we felt about Paul Potts from last (?) year.

  5. you made both of us cry 🙂 thank you for the tip.

  6. I had already heard of Susan Boyle and I am so delighted to say that I have listened to her sweet voice several times on youtube, each time I get chill bumps and tears stream down my face. I don’t know of many singers who have moved me as much as Susan has. I pray she wins Brittians Got Talent. She is like an angel from heaven.

  7. She is spectacular – a breath of fresh air.

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