Lucky Gray-haired Ladies


I envy gray-haired women.  Seriously.  It’s not that I wish I had gray hair.  I already do.  Anyone who knows me has seen it  peeking periodically from my center part and my temples.  


But I envy those sisters whose hair is completely natural.  Uncolored.  They have no worries about maintaining dyed strands.  They’re totally free from the whole thing -competition, color, maintenance… 


My older sister has gray hair.  Well, not really.  It’s silver!  And it is gorgeous!  She never has to monitor her roots.  She doesn’t spend money on salon color appointments.  Or home touch-ups.  (That would be me.)  She is liberated from it all.  And she is beautiful! 


I want that.  I want the freedom to be me the way I really am.  (At least my hair.)  


But, unlike women whose hair was allowed to  mature naturally, I must now, somehow, figure out how to make the transition from Medium Neutral Brown to gray.  What’s a girl to do?  


Have you noticed that in a salon you can get any color you want?  Except gray?  They say it’s impossible, but I don’t believe it.  Not for a minute.  I think professional hair dressers just don’t dare help women color their hair gray, because – I suspect – there’d be a stampede of women going that route.  What would that do to the hair-coloring industry? 


I tried it once, a few years ago.  I asked to have my hair streaked gray.  Can’t be done, I was told.  So my stylist gave me “highlights” instead.  It was an ugly, yellow, and very expensive, disaster.  I couldn’t wait to get home with my Wal-mart box of Clairol to repair the damage. 


Then, I was again back to square one.


Hero says he doesn’t mind my hair either way.  But he also says that, if I really want to make the change, I should let it grow out a little to start the process, and then get a really short haircut.   He also says that when he retires, he’s not going to shave or get a haircut for a year.  Maybe I’ll wait to tackle the hair issue til then, cuz I’m certain at that point no one will be looking at me. 


See how complicated life can get when you start messing with Mother Nature?  Sigh.  I want gray hair.  But how do I get there?  Other than a wig.


Am I the only one who feels this way?  Somehow, I’m certain I’m not alone.  Especially since Susan Boyle’s audition.  



8 Responses

  1. My hair is now going rapidly grey and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I decided as soon as the grey hairs appeared never to colour my hair after I read “Proverbs 16:31 Grey hair is a crown of splendour”, so sorry can’t help you there. Maybe you should go for the bold two tone look and proclaim to the world I am going grey and I am going to embrace it from now on. Wonder what the reaction would be?

  2. Well… I haven’t colord my hair in about 3 years, and I love the freedom of it.

    Try it! You will find that people will still love you and adore you adn think you are beautiful… youare a gorgeous child of God!!

    Many blessigns-

  3. One thing I have learned about women is that when they return from the salon with a new hair-do, don’t be so quick to give an opinion, even if they ask for one.

    Wait until the following morning when they sit down at the breakfast table. By then, they will have looked in the mirror a thousand times and meditated overnight on what they really think about their haircut. And they will tell you exactly how they feel.

    Then, just agree with them, as in, “Honey, you’re right. That’s exactly how I feel about it.”

    To launch out too early in these treacherous waters invites problems, serious ones for us males.

  4. My momma always said, “Keep the gray covered.” Gray ages one tremendously! And so, since I started graying at the tender age of 33– I’ve been coloring my hair for 5 years or so now. I just go in every 6 weeks and get. it. done.

    But as of this very morning, my husband told me I ought to go in more often. Sigh…

  5. I LOVE gray hair! I had an aunt who went prematurely gray. She just let it turn silver, and it was very pretty. But you do have very nice hair as it is… so I wouldn’t worry much.

  6. My mom has beautiful gray hair. She has always colored it, but it fades away quickly. I tell her to just leave it that it looks good gray. However, I too would be gray if I let my color fade, but I dye those roots as soon as they start to show. I don’t want to be gray at 41.

  7. Last time I colored my hair, I went waaaay to blonde for my liking. Sigh. So now instead if grey showing in my dirty blonde I’m shocking blonde. LOL. I can’t win with hair color.

  8. I was going to answer this the other night when I read it, but I was on my iPod while nursing, and it is hard to type.

    So, here is a plan for getting virgin hair back. First, hard stop on the permanent coloring. But do “semi” permanent in same color for a while. It fades fairly quickly, but you need to let your permanently colored hair grow out.

    So, the length of time that is going to take will obviously range. and at some point you should switch from a “golden” hue to an “ash” hue, unless your skin color won’t take it. Because grey hair is ashy, not golden. and as it all fades, it will be better blended.

    It probably all depends on what your base color is. But I am kindof a chestnut, and it seems to be greying ok. I went from being a heavily foil highlighted blond to letting that fade and coloring my greys with lighter chestnut, to semi permanent, and then dropped it all together and cropped my hair a bit two years ago. Haven’t looked back. Am quite grey at temples, and now the crown is starting to go.

    Only saving grace is that I am fat, and so have no wrinkles to go with the grey.

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