A few of My Favorite Spring Things




Every time the seasons change, the new one is my favorite.  But Spring really is my favorite, favorite!  It evokes both nostalgic memories – visual and sensory – and present day bliss.  Here are a few things that spring means to me:


The return of robins.  I am always thrilled when I discover they’re building a nest on our property…in our young birch on the boulevard, under our deck, or  above our porch.  No kidding, for me, bird poop on the front steps is a happy sign.


Longer days.  I love that the sun is up before me, even though I rise early.  And having daylight left over to play in the evening. 


Delicate chartruse leaves.   I have noticed that in early spring, newly opened tree leaves are a “baby” green.  This delights me.  They’re tender, light, delicate.  New.  They evoke hope.


Open windows.  As soon as outdoor temps allow, I can hardly wait to throw open windows in every room.  I want breezes circulating everywhere –  cleansing, restoring, refreshing.


Lilacs.  I love them!  I grew up with them.  The back yard of the first home Hero and I owned was enclosed by lilac bushes.  They provided a lovely border for neighborhood seclusion, and the perfect shelter for little boys’ secret forts.  Plus, they smell divine.  (You know I mean the lilacs, right?) 


Just tonight, Hero and I were at Bath & Body searching for a gift for his administrative assistant, and I discovered their Slatkin & Co. candle –  Lilac Blossom!  Oh my goodness, never before have I smelled a candle which so perfectly captured the essence of fresh lilacs.  I confess.  I coveted. 


– Kids playing outdoors – random games, unstructured activities.  Chalk drawings on driveways and sidewalks.   


– The smell of grilling.   


– Laundry drying on clotheslines.  I earnestly want an outdoor clothesline.  Absolutely no laundry product can duplicate the fragrance of  linens which have dried outdoors in the sun. 


– As my title indicates, these are a few of my favorite spring things.  What are some of yours?  



6 Responses

  1. Baseball. There is nothing like the smell of a new baseball glove and ball. It takes me back to the days when the only thing that mattered was the number of days until your first ball game.

    Makes me want to break out into song, “Take me out to the ball game. Buy me some peanuts and cracker-jacks…”

  2. Spring is my favourite time of the year too. I love to see the daffodils in England but any of the early spring bulbs are beautiful, at the moment it is snowdrops here in Latvia and it looks like the crocuses are starting to show.

    I am glad you enjoy putting out your washing, it was so hard in Colorado with no outdoor line, it just didn’t seem right, as I have never owned a dryer in my life and have no desire to do so. Just fortunate that the Colorado air is so dry that clothes dry perfectly well indoors too but like you said they don’t smell the same.

  3. I miss the squirrels, who after months of being coped up in tiny holes, are now hyper active and can’t stop running and jumping… and doing backflips. 🙂

  4. Thank you for your sweet encouraging words on my blog. You are such a blessing to me. You don’t know how much you lift my spirits. I wish we were neighbors too. I could use your help and friendship.

    I love the spring. I appreciate the simple things in life, and spring brings nature to life. I love to hear the birds songs as I walk. I like to watch the squirrels running and playing. I smile when I see the dandolions and remember when as a child I would make a wish and watch them blowing in the wind. Of course my favorite are the buttercups.

  5. My mom always line dryed in the summer. Even in winter when I was really little and she didn’t have a dryer. But that is one of my favorite memories of growing up; the wonderful smell of our sheets and towels.

    I love listening to the bird’s singing in the morning. And we used the grill for the first time this last weekend. Oh the smell had us drooling for sure. I love getting out to the parks and walking the trails, bike riding before it gets to the stifling heat of summer, getting out of socks and heavy shoes and putting on cute sandals. Tulips, definitely tulips! :v)

  6. apple blossoms, the smell of dirt being worked in the fields by our neighbors, playing in the garden, and all too soon, harvesting some new potatoes to steam w/ the fresh green beans, and little pieces of bacon…topped w/ some butter…morrel mushrooms in eggs and cracker crums…(bet you can tell what I have on my mind….SUPPER) thanks again for your help planting the apple trees last Saturday!!!!!

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