My Dream Job



I would love to have a job as a bartender.  I realize that tending bar and Christianity don’t seem compatible.  In reality, I guess they aren’t.  I certainly wouldn’t want to be responsible for serving the drink which happened to be one-too-many. 

But I wish it were possible because I love people and I love to alleviate suffering.   Lord knows, there are a lot of hurting people who need a listening ear.  He knows there are hoards of people who long for a place of refuge to hang out.  A place where you can stop in unannounced and stay as long – or as briefly – as you wish.  A place where you can really be yourself and still find acceptance.  A place where you can find support instead of condemnation; encouragement instead of scorn; advocates instead of gossips; and cheerleaders instead of critics.  A place where no one finds your talents and gifts threatening, but are, instead, celebrated.  A place where people have your back, instead of stabbing you in it.  In other words, a safe place.       

I’d whip up batches of my specialties like Venison Stew, Chili, and home made breads.  Some of the beverages on my menu: 

          Living Water

          The Sincere Milk of the Word

          A Cup of Mercy

New Wine


For desserts: Chocolate Chip Cookies, and lots of laughter. 

I just need to think up a name for my bar.  Any suggestion? 


7 Responses

  1. i want to be NOT tounge in cheek and say call it CHURCH…. cos really that is what church should be like eh… a place of encouragement, laughter, support, celebration etc…

    shame “we” (the greater we there, we the church) arent living out what we should be like!

    blessings, fireball

  2. No name suggestions, but I certainly want to come to the grand opening!! 🙂

  3. You should check in on Fort Collins and go to Everyday Joe’s, it is easier to be a bar tender in a coffee bar.

  4. don’t have a name either, but you just described what I experience almost every week in our home church,

  5. Well, I feel like you have served me up a cup of that drink everytime you stop by and leave a comment on my blog. Thanks for the refreshments!!!

  6. In my wilder care-free days in Iowa, I would go to college bars and read my Bible. Guess what? After a short period of time, countless numbers of students would be at my table, drinking their beers and asking me questions. It was a hoot!

    So, why not head out to the nearest campus (Northern Iowa or some other place), grab a coke (or beer if you’d like) and do the same.

    As for name of bar: The Drunkard and Glutton. (Two names the Pharisee’s called Jesus.)

  7. I’d love to be at that air show!! I need SPF 50!

    LarryWho, I love what happened to you. I had my best Christianity discussion over a beer at a bar.

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