Mid-day Reverie



It’s 1:14 p.m.  Mid-day.  Just stepped out onto our front porch to retrieve mail from our box across the street.  Mama robin is still vigilantly brooding in the nest she built under the eves of our front porch.  Last night she weathered quite a storm.  Thunder.  Lightening.  Wind gusts.  Rain.  Exceedingly patient, she is.


Strolling the sidewalk and down our driveway, I hear the raucous songs of frogs gone wild.  Lots of them.  In the middle of the day?  Is that what rain does? 


The misty field across East Cemetary Road reveals the high humidity.  My instantly frizzing hair confirms it.


Lowering the front flap of our black box, I reach in and retrieve its contents, then turn back toward the house. 


Perennials are up.  Annuals planted on Mother’s Day are taking nicely to their new home.  Mr. Big Fat Toad has again staked out his territory near the sprouting Black Eyed Susans.  So well camoflaged, only his Creator protected him from the claws of the hand hoe by highlighting his barely-visible, nubby brown back when the soil was first turned. 


I slap the mail on the kitchen table, automatically put the Penny Saver on top of the newspaper stack in the broom closet, and shred the rest of the “mail.” 


Several pair of men’s jeans churn on Heavy Duty in the washer…


The theme song of a Gunsmoke rerun plays in the background.  Was I watching it?  Not really.  But Matt Dillon is kind of cool.  I once had a crush on him. 


Mmmm.  The washer’s quiet.  Time for a load of “darks”…    What’s your favorite laundry product? 




9 Responses

  1. How sweet you have a robin family nesting where you can watch. Our cat prevents any from trying around our house. It rained here yesterday too. But it’s way too cold at night, got down to freezing last night, so it will be a couple more weeks before we can put out bedding out plants. Although my brave neighbor has tried.

    What’s my favorite laundry product? Fleecy fresh air scent fabric softener. I wish they made a matching scent in a laundry soap. Usually I use Gain or Cheer for that.

  2. we had a robin’s nest in our carport too! I was mowing and the momma was following behind me getting all the worms I had exposed. it felt like I was helping! yay spring!!

  3. My favourite laundry product is white vinegar, added to the final rinse instead of soft rinse and it softens, deals with any sweaty smells and is very cheap and effective.

  4. I saw your comment at The Roost and had to say HI.

    What a great picture and very “normal” day…I have laundry going now…waiting on the dryer and thought I’d blog a bit. I like those new Bounce sheets with dots!

    I sat on my porch this afternoon and pondered while the birds sang above the wind…very peaceful.

  5. What is it about you Iowa women and laundry? My MIL actually LOVES to do laundry. It is a perfect day for her when she can “hang out” laundry on the line. I think that is one of the primary reasons she loved having us come visit last week: the chance to do two or three loads a day!!

  6. LOl One can’t hang laundry on an outdoors clothesline in a hurry. It helps bring one back in touch with the simple things in life. I think it has something to do with slowing down, living a scaled-back pace.

    And there really is no product which can duplicate the impact, health benefits and fragrance of fresh air and sunshine.

    There’s something very peaceful about being outdoors, listening to the sounds of nature, while getting the exercise which comes with hanging out laundry. Amen.

  7. I had a crush on him too ;0)

  8. The thing that struck me most about this Blog post is the picture of the robin nestled on her nest… just doing what a good mommy does. Incubating her eggs and providing all that she knows to do to make sure they are kept safe and warm.

    We can lear a lot from Mother Robin.

  9. mssc54: About Mother Robin, you are so right. I think, in a way, everything I wrote after the photo, was sort of a slice-of-life peek at a human mama “sitting” on her nest. So to speak, keeping the home fires burning.

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