Six-day Riddle



As I wrote in my last post, I’ll be traveling for the next several days.  So, I thought I’d leave you with a riddle to work on til I get back around the 2nd. 


I took this photo.  It’s untouched.  It’s the real deal.  Where is it?  What is it? 



2 Responses

  1. This is just a’s a photo of a buddist monk (orange robe) showing a scar (bullet hole) in his leg…burma? if not a bullet…teeth marks from a tiger..grrrrr..have a fun trip!

  2. Oh my goodness…fun riddle. Wish I had more time and brain power to put into this; DM had an awesome and very specific guess. I was going to guess somewhere in Africa or the Caribbean, but scratch the Caribbean. This comment puts DM’s comment to shame, but that’s all I got right now. 🙂 Happy Birthday!!

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