Lately, (meaning the last few months), some disturbing questions have been developing within me.   With increased frequency these questions are making their presence known.  Like pregnancy – it’s as if I’m in labor – and answers are begging to be born.  In no particular order, here are some of them:


1.)  How much time do I spend reading blogs, compared to the amount of time I spend reading the Bible?


2.)  Is there any value to writing a blog?  More specifically, is there any value to my blog? 


3.)  Am I called by God to write a blog, or is it just a time waster  filler?


4.)  Does my life center more on cyber-relationships connections, than on people who are clearly in my path –  i.e. neighbors, friends, relatives, and strangers I run into in daily life – such as store clerks, etc.?


(Please understand…Through blogging, I have “met” people I genuinely care about… people who I wish were my neighbors, relatives and/or fellow church members.  But by doing this, am I overlooking those whom God has put in front of me?)     


5.)  Based on my blog surfing, there appear to be tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of Christians who post on blogs.   Are we (am I ) “fiddling while Rome burns?”


I wonder if anyone else wonders these things.



10 Responses

  1. You aren’t the only child of God pondering this. I was pondering the same thing this morning while I was writing “my” blog. However, I just started mine this week after being inspired by something and it is really a way I can self express my thoughts on my spiritual journey. If God puts something in our Spirit it usually means we might be ignoring something we know He may be asking us(me) to do. Enjoyed your post.

  2. great questions. I knew you were chewing on several of these. Only God knows our hearts and motives for why we do what we do.

    I’m not as concerned about blogging when you and I are sharing things God is talking to us about…as much as all the games/ mindless stuff on sites like facebook. I have a facebook account and love to be in touch w/ people I otherwise wouldn’t be..but when all of the applications (quizes, farm town, and who knows what else is on there)…when that starts consuming my time in front of the computer..I think then we’re fiddling while Rome catches on fire.

    I hope you don’t retire completely from blogging. it’s these type of thought provoking posts I think I would miss.

  3. Well, NOW I’ll wonder about these things!

  4. I am a reluctant blogger but my blog was started as a means of letting folks I have moved away from know what I am up to here in Latvia. God confirmed that I was to start writing and it can’t get much clearer than “God says to you begin a chronicle now begin writing from day one” given by a prophet at a conference, so the blog has become a good discipline for me to carry out that command.

    I do spend a lot of time on the Net accumulating knowledge and trying to get a grasp of world politics and world situations. I hope it is not a red herring but somewhere that God is leading me but like you I sometimes wonder if I forget what life is about on the ground and in my street.

  5. Yes, Yes and more yes. The Lord brought these thought across my mind again today…..I am still sorting through them….

  6. OOOHHHHHHH yea. I am totally right there with you. I often think… this blog is not going to be popular until I get everything in my life prioritized the way GOD wants me too….

    Great thoughts here! HOpe you are doing great!

    God bless-

  7. I once worked up a teaching for a breakfast meeting. It was fairly profound (to my way of thinking). Then, nobody showed up. Not one person. Zilch. Nada.

    And the Lord spoke to my heart, “Give the teaching, I’ll listen.”

    So, I sat at the table and gave the teaching while all the diners around me thought I was a nut. Who knows? Maybe I was.

    But if your ways please God, don’t worry what you “could” be doing, just keep on doing what you’re doing. Religion always has a list of “to-do’s” and “must-do’s”, but Jesus doesn’t. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

    Bob Jones said, “If you are in the will of God, the pay’s the same whether you raise the dead or take a nap.”

    So, if by commenting on bogs, you do nothing other than encourage other brothers and sisters in Christ, that’s a big deal to Jesus. And guess what this is called? It’s called having church outside the four walls of some building somewhere.

    Don’t beat yourself up! Just be Grace Dove, the woman who has often encouraged me at Serious Whimsey.

  8. Great questions that are very apropos for me to think about right now. I love the way you remind me to surrender my blog and my dreams about my blog to the Lord!

  9. Grace,
    I just want you to know that I am not a big blog hopper. I read only a few blogs and yours is one of them. You have been a tremendous blessing to me. You have understood and encouraged me in ways no one else could. I have missed you over the past few days since you haven’t posted anything. I felt something was wrong with you and have prayed for you. I for one would miss you if you were not there. I need your words of wisdom and encouragement.

  10. I wonder these things often…..

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