Good vs. Bad Education




A bad education will teach you what to think. 


A good education will teach you how to think. 







5 Responses

  1. How true and one of the reasons we decided to teach ours at home when we realised this point seemed to have escaped our children. So glad we did!

  2. That’s what we heard in college. I so agree.

  3. Seems like so many are brainwashed in college and lose their ability to think. A high percentage of Christian young adults lose their faith at college. You must have attended a good one.

  4. i think the problem isn’t that they get brainwashed in college as much as that when what they believe is seriously challenged, the “church” has taught them what to think for so long that when they are finally challenged with how to think they react by casting it all aside as false, and never really giving it a legitimate critical examination. it’s an interesting paradox.

  5. Great insight, Aaron!

    There are many instances of Christian college students being punished by professors (grade wise) if those students aren’t willing to agree with a prof’s philosophy. This boils down to being told what to think, and suffering the consequences if you don’t comply.

    However, I think you point out something critically important, in that it is possible to be given a bad education in the church as well…with results such as you stated.

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