Monday – sorting – and washing laundry day .


Tuesday – washing and drying laundry day.


Wednesday – folding-and-putting-away – and more washing – laundry day.


Thursday – hero coming home from out-of-town business trip, thus more laundry, laundry day.


Friday – another sorting, wash/dry/fold and put-away laundry day.




What I want to know is, how did my mother do it with


eight kids


a ringer washing machine


and a bag of clothes pins?



5 Responses

  1. It seems I never finish doing laundry. I did 5 loads yesterday.

    I remember my mom having a ringer washing machine when I was little. Me and my younger sister were sitting on top of the machine and somehow we got my sister’s arm hung in between the ringer…oouch. I think we were 5 and 3. The things you remember.

    I hope you are doing well. Blessings to you.

  2. I think they had fewer clothes.

    And did more laundry.

  3. Did they not wear their clothes more? I sometimes think we change too often, when there isn’t really a need for it.

  4. Mom used a ringer washing machine and often complained about all the laundry she had to do. And yet, she was upset if we tried to wear the same shirt two days in a row to school. My guess is that moms haven’t changed much over the years…just have a few more gray hairs.

  5. I remember my mom doing laundry with the wringer washer and soaking things in fleecy in a separate plastic tub and putting it through the wringer again. And she too hung everything outside even in winter. I don’t know how she did it all.

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