Living on the Edge – of the Empty Nest

        Everything is different now.  I don’t have it all together.  Yet, anyway.  Though it was almost thirty, it doesn’t seem that many years ago when I found myself impatient when hearing the laments of new empty nesters.  They’ve known all along this was coming! I’d think to myself.  What did they expect?   Now, three decades later, I realize, you don’t know what to expect!  Maybe can’t know.

In October, our nest became technically empty when the youngest of our three sons, who had been living at home, was married.  Then, three and a half weeks ago, our nest became officially empty when our oldest son, in the military, was married.  Yes, that’s right – two sons married in two months – but it was actually two days less than one month! 

My emotions run from elation, to grief, to peace, to suspense.  And beyond.   And I think about how naive I was – or was it arrogance? – when I couldn’t understand the conflicting statements I heard from new empty nesters.  

In one way, even back then, I was right.  We do know all along this is coming.  But I think that’s about all we can know.  Until it happens.  And now, like our fledglings, we parents also have to take flight…into the unknown.


2 Responses

  1. your words take me back in time…I had no clue (and how can you) as to how much having a baby will change your life…then add a few more..woa..there is no way you can “really” know what it’s like until you’ve experienced it first hand. It is soo good to read your blog post and hear from you on mine as well. I know your life has been busy getting ready for the wedding(s) I’m thankful our paths crossed way back when,,,what was it 2 yrs ago already?

  2. True for most things in life. (Boo is only 8 and I already think of the loss I will feel.) Young people know this too if they’d stop and think – they get married and say “I didn’t know it (he) would be like this!”

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