Breaking Out of the Mold/Box

I’m not sure where the boxes come from – whether it’s that people place us in boxes of their choice, categorizing us the way they want to see us – or if – by our own actions and attitudes – we train people to see us a certain way.  Either way, sometimes I feel so freakin’ much like breaking out of the “mold.”  There!  I did it just now.  I don’t usually say “freakin’.”   

I think part of my personal challenge is deciding what is appropriate “breaking out.”  But, by saying “appropriate,” am I placing new borders?  Okay…anyway…if there were no borders…and all things were possible – here’s a Starter List of things I’d do differently…even though I’m old enough to be a great grandmother…

* I’d wear short skirts and multi-colored striped tights.

* I’d wear false eyelashes.  Sometimes.

* I’d wear hats.

* I’d wear long skirts.

* I’d wear dresses almost all the time…and many of the styles would be from the ’30s and ’40s.

* I’d wear gloves – even to Walmart.

* I might be meaner – i.e. tell people off who are cruel to me or others.

* I’d party more.  And dance a lot!

* I’d have a clothes line…and use it!

* I’d talk a whole lot more about what the Bible says, because our society has strayed so far from it and I personally want to go back in that direction…and…because I see so much pain in people’s lives and the Bible has answers.  God’s ways work!  They really do!

* I’d play music loud.

* I’d shred junk mail without opening it.  (Gasp.)

* I’d host a lot of parties (if I had the energy).

* I’d decorate a room in my house with decor like Famous Dave’s restaurant – i.e. – A ’40s hunting cabin.

* I’d keep adding to the list…


8 Responses

  1. I like it. We need to break out of that mold sometimes, and get back to God’s word.

    On an unrelated note, I really like the design of your blog. It’s fun. 🙂

  2. This is a great list! I hope you try out some of these things just to break out of the mold! 🙂

  3. Did you know when we listen to certain types of music (especially loud) 😉 it releases certain chemicals in our brain…the one that makes us feel good and a sense of welbeing…Seritonin? (sp?)

    I can hear a little of Martin Luther in your tude..(the dude from the middle ages who had a part to play in the reformation. married a nun, put scripture to the bar tunes of the day…told the religious establishment (not God) to stick it in their ear… Glad you had a muse to post. you’re on my wordpress feed. have fun catching up w/ my wifey on thursday,. DM

  4. Well Grace that list made me laugh, as for me

    I would definitely go and do a sit in at the heating company’s office if they dare to send us inadequately heated water again and I would challenge the owner to charge a fair price.

    I would wear high heeled boots (can’t find any to fit that I wouldn’t kill myself in)

    I would call in on the IMF office and give them a piece of my mind – think I had better stick to something a little more local somehow :oD

  5. Break out of the mold?
    Egads and hot damn.
    Brittany of this blog:
    sent me your way.
    I too am in the grandma age bracket but somehow Eminem appeals to me. Don’t make no sense!
    I think we have a lot in common!

  6. I just thought I’d check and see if you posted recently and found this! I LOVE IT! I love finding ways to break out of my box, in fact I try not to have a box. And EVERYTHING on your list is on mine too. So next time I come visit, I say we wear 40’s dressed and gloves to wal-mart together! 😉

  7. Munchkin, We must do this soon!

  8. You being mean – now that should be on a video. It would be fun to watch. Could you raise your voice and shake your fist, too?

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