About Me

As an Empty-Nester, I am occupied with re-discovering myself.  That was kick-started a few years back when I remembered that I not only “had a life” before I had children, I had a life even before I was married!  So it only stood to reason that I just needed to figure out who I am in this stage of life.  Finding the new me is an ongoing process…new, fresh, often painful, always adventurous.  But by God’s grace, I am ready for the challenge.

I’m very fond of buttered popcorn.  (Seriously, does popcorn not speak of what kind of God we have?)

I enjoy gardening, sewing, decorating, reading, hiking, and road trips. And, for the past four years, I’ve owned and run my own Vintage Shop, where my creative streak gets full reign, rescuing, reimagining and restoring stuff previously destined for someone’s burn pile.

I’m a happy camper in the kitchen – cooking, baking.  I prefer to wash dishes by hand.  (With a few holiday exceptions.)

My roots are in the Midwest.  But I’ve lived in the South and it captured a permanent place in my heart.  Consequently, my palate delights in both Potato Lefse and Turnip Greens.  Just not together.

The upper part of our continent has another piece of my heart.  For seven years I lived in Northern Ontario.  It was there I learned to drink tea with evaporated milk.  (Here, with cream and honey.)  And eat Bannock.  (Much like baking powder biscuits.)  No one whips up a batch of Bannock quite like a First Nations mom!  I’ve eaten fish stomach and moose nose soup.

Amazingly, my heart is not fragmented by all these various pieces.  They fit well together; each helping to form who God intends me to be.

Creativity is in my DNA.  I’m enthralled by what can be done with color, fabric, and cast off stuff.  But I’m even more captivated by what God can do with cast off people.

I’m a writer and author.  My first book, “Secrets About Guys (that shouldn’t be secret),” is the result of living with only guys for 28 years!  It’s written for teen and college-age girls, but it seems that females of all ages glean its secrets because it dishes the inside scoop on males.  I think moms of boys will like it because it reveals info that I wish I’d  known when I was raising mine.  Thing is, I had to raise them, (and host all their friends), (and do a tad bit of fun research), before I could know that stuff.

I’ve been working on a cookbook and had promised myself that 2012 would be the year we’d see it in print. Well, this is now 2018 and the cookbook is still simmering on the back burner.

My husband is my hero.

My heart’s desire is to love God and love people.


21 Responses

  1. Grace:
    Just found you by way of Heather – davesredhead.blogspot.com. You might know me as “Coffee Snob” who sometimes drops in to leave a note there (yea, and I’m her publisher, too).
    Just read this excerpt from your book and I must say – speaking as a guy – this is great stuff. . . almost enough to feel a small tear well up in the corner of my eye. Hope to read more of your wisdom.

  2. I love it, Grace! It’s so YOU!!!

    I’m looking forward to reading your whimsical words of wisdom!!!

  3. Moose meat, a popular topic the past few months. I remember those encounters. Smile!

    With coffee pot on the right and my coffee mug on the left, now cold, I enjoyed my time of warmth here, so much, Grace!

    Looking to your light hearted encouragement in the future.


  4. Grace,

    I’m so glad you commented so I could find you and your blog. I will have to check out your book…it sounds great! Thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement today! I really appreciate it.

    Genny 🙂

  5. Hi Grace! This is Grace! I just found you! I think we’re about the same age, but we started late so our son is only 6! Yes, SIX! My husband is my hero too! and Jesus is my Lord.

  6. It was a JOY to read about you and your family Grace!

  7. Hi Grace! I love your blog and it’s a pleasure to read it!

    ~Nichole from Stonebridge

  8. Hi, Grace!

    I loved your comments. As always, you are an inspiration.

    As a fellow author, I wanted to let you know that I just finished my huge horse book – 260,000 words and 111 chapters – and met my publisher for the first time. We met in the parking lot of the local meat market in Woodville, a little town out here in rural Wisconsin. My publisher was picking up a side of organic fed pork that someone was giving him, so he drove in from Minneapolis to pick it up and we met finally. (Not the way I envisioned what it was like for authors to meet their publishers!) I dropped off some photos for the book and he told me that my book is the biggest that Voyageur Press has ever published. He wants me to do another similar one for European horses.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that in this economic crisis, God has blessed us more than ever. He is truly wonderful!

    Warmest blessings to everyone and may all have a prosperous New Year!


  9. Hi Grace! It is SO good to hear from you! I have been enjoying reading your blogs… I didn’t know you were a writer! Good stuff! I look forward to reading more… Well, I just wanted to touch base. I need to get back to work and ‘earn my keep’. 🙂 God bless you and your family!


  10. Thank you for your compliments, I’m glad(yet surprised!). I am especially flattered after reading your posts, you are a marvelous writer and I tend to look back over my stuff and weigh out “hmm, 10 minutes to fix that grammatical error?” as this blog was more just,umm, crap in my head. I am always receptive to your wisdom, and as far as my blog and your readers, feel free to do what you like. It’s not private, I use my full name because I don’t want to ever put out anything that I wouldn’t say in public, and have been randomly contacted by people Googling my name(mostly from Sweden, I don’t have that big of a following). I have read over your posts and I’m delighted to know you and to have a new writer to follow. And I have to say your comment patted me on the back when I really needed it, thank you for that. Sorry it took me so long to respond, and I couldn’t find an email or I would have not taken up so much public space, but I only get to my blog every week or so, we recently moved and instead of 5 computer addicts on 5 computers on DSL, we are limited to one at a time on dial up, which is all that is available here, and because my childrens’ school assigns homework online and my husband needs on here at night, I have very little online time. I didn’t mean at all to be rude. God bless you!

  11. Grace,

    I notice that you stopped by my blog, “A Boomer in the Pew”. I appreciated not only your visit, but your comment as well.

    I am going to subscribe to your RSS Feed, and see if perchance we are destined to be friends.

    I invite you to do the same.

  12. What a pleasure to feel your powerful, positive energy as it pops right off of the page; I feel honored that you visited my site and hope to see more of you!!! Peace, Vanessa

  13. Hi Grace! Thanks for stopping by my place! I’ve had a great time perusing your blog this morning and enjoying your writing. It looks like you’ve been everywhere and done everything (fish stomach and moose nose soup??) so I’ll just hold down the corn here in Iowa 🙂 Blessings!

  14. Hi Grace,

    I am Dina Gerdeman and I am writing a story for The Patriot Ledger in Massachusetts about empty nest moms. Would you be up for an interview? If so, please contact me at dgerdeman@gmail.com.

    Thank you!
    Dina Gerdeman

  15. Hi Grace & Kevin..I’m still looking after my dad in TBay
    My grandson Julian has moved in with us to go to high school-grade 11.he has a laptop so I was able to get interner hookup.danelle was 18 in Jan & our daughter Karen is 34.She lives with Terry in Beardmore & goes back & forth.Our youngest grand daughter Shakira is & & Lives with her dad.I’ll write more later.just wanted to say hello from me & Terry.
    love in Christ Jesus,ever living.everloving..Saviour

  16. Oh wow, well said. And I too am the mother of sons, three of them, while I was born and raised in a farmily of girls. It required a small adjustment.

  17. Wow, it’s so cool that you wrote a book!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂

  18. Hi it’s me gmom.
    Mom of 6 but if you caught one of them doing something they shouldnt’ve I don’t know ’em.
    Love from Baltimore.
    Great blog.

  19. Hope you keep blogging after you move. Stay in touch DM

  20. Thanks, DM. Definitely don’t want to lose touch with you and Mrs. M. Can’t even imagine that! And, as for that move, who knows when it will be? lol Lots to occur first.

  21. Hi Grace, I was just wondering where you disappeared to :o), I realised I hadn’t seen any of your posts on facebook and didn’t want to lose touch again as your account seems to have gone.

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