Favorite Words – And a Winner!


Yesterday, Ruby Red Slippers http://lionstigersandboysohmy.blogspot.com/ posted a review on the upcoming movie, “Yes!” starring Jim Carrey – in theatres December 19th.  Reading her post reminded me that I have certain favorite words.  I know that may sound crazy, but, I do.  HOPE is one of them.  I have a synthetic, fist-sized rock on my desk engraved with that word – a gift from my very clever sister.  I also have letters on a shelf in our living room which spell out that wonderfully positive word.  And, a little metal, oval, pebble with the word.  And a new Sterling Silver ring…  You get the idea.  I love the word HOPE.  It holds such promise.


My other favorite word just happens to be YES.  When my boys were little, I told them that I loved to say “yes” to them.  And that I would say it as much as possible…  That the only time I said “no” is when I had to, for their benefit or protection.  Amanda, at I Am Mommy illustrated this in the sweetest way in her post on November 11th, titled “First Snow.”  http://iammommy.typepad.com/my_weblog/page/2/


I don’t have any items engraved with the word YES, but I do have stickers inside my kitchen cupboard.  You know, those stickers that come with solicitations for magazine subscriptions, and stuff?  I save the Yes-es.  I’m not sure how this is going to all work out if/after I see the movie.  Maybe I’ll be peeling them off my cupboard door.  But, for now, I totally enjoy their uplifting influence in the morning every time I open that door and reach for a mug. 


What about you?  Do you have any favorite words?  (G-rated ones.)





It was all very scientific how I came up with the winner for Robin Berry’s music CD, “A Christmas Dream.”  I wrote down the name of each commenter, and numbered them in chronological order.  At one comment per qualified person (remember the rules), I came up with numbers 1 – 6.  Then, without giving my son any explanation, I asked him to choose a number from one to six.  He said, “Five.”  So that makes Nichole the winner!


However, Nichole just happens to go to my church.  For a first-time giveaway, even though it was completely unrigged, that makes this a little scary.   But that’s okay because this is the Christmas season, and I LOVE to give gifts to people who don’t expect them.  Soooo, I have decided to give a free CD to everyone who posted a comment in this giveaway, who reads this post and contacts me by noon Saturday!  (Gotta move quickly so I can order the CDs and get them shipped to you – and Nichole – before Christmas.)  There’s not a link to my email address on my blog yet, so please contact me through my website: www.gracedove.com and send your mailing address.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

A Must-Have Christmas CD – Giveaway!



I am too new at blogging to know how to download music yet.  But there’s a CD that you just have to hear – “A Christmas Dream.”   It is absoloutely dreamy.  Robin Berry, a harpist, and two other musicians, Bobby Schnitzer (guitar) and David Young (recorder) have put together one of the most captivating instrumental Christmas CDs ever.  Their arrangements of familiar carols and original music are breathtakingly beautiful.   This is ideal background music for making Christmas cookies, to wrap gifts by, for a party or candlelight dinner, or for cozying up with your special one by the lights of the tree. 


For your own blessing, check out samples of their music below.  Once you get to the site, just scroll down a little bit to “A Christmas Dream.”



In fact, I’m so sold on their CD, I think I’ll turn this post into a GIVEAWAY!  Here’s the rules:

        * Just check out the sample songs at the above website and leave a comment telling which you liked best and why. 

         * This offer closes by 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, the 10th. 

         * Make sure you leave your email address so I’m able to contact the winner.

         * Which I’ll announce by Friday, the 12th.  


This is a short Giveaway because I want the winner to have the CD in plenty of time to enjoy it going into Christmas!   


By the way, I’m doing this totally because I love Robin Berry’s music.  I get no kickback from promoting the CD.  🙂  Oh, one other thing, Robin’s CD “Oasis” is fabulous, too!  


And, if there’s anyone out there willing to tell me how to download music onto my blog, you’ll be my special friend.  lol

Christmas Decorating on a Very Low Budget


I am a fanatic for light.  And I absolutely LOVE Christmas lights!  There’s just something special about getting up early in the morning – or staying up late at night – maybe with a cup of warm apple cider – for a time of quiet solitude by the lights of the Christmas tree.  So peaceful.  So comforting.    


One year, after the season was over, I just wasn’t ready to give up the joy I got from our Christmas lights.  So I asked Hero to put a string of them in my walk-in closet.  Bless his heart, he did it without teasing.  For weeks, I enjoyed the extended season of hope from those tiny beacons, in the seclusion of my prayer closet. 


One of my favorite spots in our house right now centers around the reflecting sparkle and glitter of our coffee table. 



The table is unique, but the same effect can be achieved easily.  Over a period of time, I collected mismatched crystal and/or glass candle holders from Goodwill.  They’re really cheap inexpensive there.  Set them on a mirror.  Mirriors are also plentiful and priced low at Goodwill.  Instead of candles, place gold or silver balls in the candle holders.  Place a string of lights around the display.  I got mine at Wal-mart for $2.  Add a bit of silver garland, and, voila!  Warm dazzle.  Cool price!



By the way, if you haven’t discovered it yet, you really need to check out Nicole’s blog at http://apronstringsaflutter.com/    She is in the midst of a fabulous 8-day Holiday Extravaganza of Gifts, Deals & GIVEAWAYS!  And even though she’s well into it, you can still sign up for any and all of her great – and I do mean really cool – giveaway stuff! 


Directions to a Bloggy Giveaway


Nope, it’s not me this time.  It’s Michelle, at This One’s For The Girls.  http://thisonesforthegirls.wordpress.com/  She’s posted a review of my book “Secrets About Guys (that shouldn’t be secret),” and is giving away a free copy!  If you haven’t met her yet, you really need to drop in and get acquainted with this beautiful mother of five.  (Wait til you see the adorable pics of her and her hubby – too sweet.  You just know they’re in love.)  And while you’re there, remember to sign up for her giveaway.