At this very moment, there is a critical need for prayer for the safety of our troops in Afghanistan.  Whether or not you feel we should be there is not the issue.  God is waiting for us to cry out to Him for HIS intervention.  He knows what needs to happen and it needs to happen now!   We must turn to Him.  Immediately!  Lives are literally depending on our response.

A Must Read



“Bruchko” – This is one of my all-time, lifetime favorite books.  The true story of what happens when a sold-out-to-God teenage boy – a nerd – heads into the South American jungles to find an elusive and murderous indigenous tribe. 


Author:  Bruce Olson      Publisher: Creation House


You’re welcome.    (I know you’ll like it so I’m just sayin’…)


NOTE added Auguest 1 3, 2009:   I have never heard anything but raves about this book.    See Larry’s comment!  🙂 



Good vs. Bad Education




A bad education will teach you what to think. 


A good education will teach you how to think. 







Watch and Pray




                George Gallop asserts, “The churches of America face no greater  challenge in this century

than overcoming Biblical illiteracy.”


Judges 17:6  “In those days…every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”




        Only three days after taking office, President Barack Obama struck down the Bush administration’s ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions.  According to an AP report, the President did this, “…without coverage by the media…” and AP referred to it as “the quiet signing…”  


        In February, an AP story reported, “President Barack Obama plans to repeal a Bush administration rule that has become a flash point in the debate over a doctor’s right not to participate in abortions.”


        The First Commandment says, “I am the LORD your God…You shall have no other gods before me.”  Exodus 20:2-3


        We’re in trouble, beloved.  Because we do not know the Bible, we do not understand God’s precepts.  With only our personal opinions to guide us, we “did what was right” in our own eyes and elected leaders who are now doing what is right “in their own eyes.” 


Today in a ceremony at 11 a.m., the President of the United States plans to reverse the former President’s executive order limiting federal funding resulting in the destruction of human embryos.  “The reversal would permit the government to fund embryonic stem cell research, a practice that recent discoveries in the area of adult stem cell research has made less necessary…”


        The tragedy is that, as they have throughout history, innocents will suffer when leaders defy God.  I cringe to think of what is coming our way after today’s ceremony.


        Pray.  Pray for our President.  Pray for our leaders.  Pray for our country.  Pray for your children.       

Countdown to Valentine’s Day – 3 – Love of Country

Today, we need to look at love of country.  The United States of America is at a critical crossroads and it’s time for us citizens to speak up.  Rather than me saying more, please go here: 

 Shell In Your Pocket

The future of our country, as we have known it, is at stake.  We cannot sit idly by.    



Surprise Party for Winston – Countdown to Valentine’s Day – 5



          Just in case DM from  I Also Live on a Farm  is looking, yes, I admit I – ahem – “borrowed” this photo from your blog.  How else was I gonna keep it a secret from Winston?  See, I needed a visual to entice readers.

Okay y’all, you remember Winston, right?  Friday Feature  (((If you don’t have her on your blog roll yet, why not?)  For a brief recap, Winston is the world’s sweetest girl pig.  Or at least the most indulged.  Yep, that’s her mailbox in the photo.  (No, I am not kidding.)  How many pigs do you know who have their own mailing address? 

Well, I want to throw a surprise card party for this precocious porkess.  And you’re invited.  Yep, I think she needs a card blitz for Valentine’s Day…an extravaganza of love poured out via the U.S. Post Office.  Let’s overload her mailbox.  Let’s shock the mailman.  Let’s…have a little fun…

I don’t have the liberty to give her address here but you can get it from:  I Also Live on a Farm  (by requesting it in the comment box there.)  Take your kids to this blog site.  Read with them about Winston.  Giggle with them at the photos.  (She’s letting her hair grow out for winter.)  Then send Winston some love (cards) for Valentine’s Day.  Who knows, maybe Winston will pose for pics with her mail. 

And, would you do me a favor…If you “come to the party,” would you drop me a comment?  I’m eager to hear your (and your kids’) comments.   

UPDATE:  I just got permission to give out Winston’s address, so you can write to me: or get it by leaving a comment on Winston’s blog: I Also Live on a Farm    Spread the word.  According to DM, Winston’s been a little lonely lately!   


Valentine Seeds


        Like crocuses peeking through snow, spring seed catalogs start poking from our mail boxes about this time of year.  They’re a welcome reminder in mid-winter that spring is coming and it’s time to choose our seeds.

        When I was a little girl, the arrival of those seed catalogs signaled another exciting event.  Making Valentines!  With our mother, we gathered an array of crayons, heart-shaped doilies, construction paper, lace, and ribbon scraps.  Obviously, this was back before scrapbooking.  We kids paged through those colorful catalogs, searching for, and cutting out, pictures of the most beautiful flowers and fruit.

        Using flour-and-water paste – I know, by now you’re wondering just how old am I – we crafted each Valentine with childish joy, and lots of imagination.  We cut.  We folded.  We layered heart upon heart.  We carefully wove ribbon through scissored slots and doily designs. 

But to us it was our seed catalog clippings that were the crowning glory of every card.  Photos of forget-me-nots, tulips, daisies, and roses all seemed to add a special touch of fairytale romance; even though the intended recipients were mostly parents, grandparents, and elderly neighbors.  I doubt any of those seed companies could have known that, to our young and innocent hearts, the arrival of gardening catalogs meant it was time for sowing seeds of love.                                      ~~~~

I am so grateful that my mother instilled in us, at such an early age, a focus away from ourselves, and a sensitivity toward others, especially the elderly.  There’s still plenty of time to do that this Valentine’s Day. 



Reading on Narnia Winter Nights


It was a brutal winter; our first, living in the country.  (Somewhere we still have a photo stashed away from back then, showing our outdoor thermometer registering nearly forty below zero, Fahrenheit).  There was snow, snow, and more snow.  For a month, because of broken underground pipes to our well, we were without running water.  But that particular winter still nestles in the memories of our sons as one of the best ever.  That’s when we read through “The Chronicles of Narnia,” as a family.


That was the winter of 1993-94.  Flash forward to winter, 2009.  The holidays are behind us.  Kids are back in school.  We’re looking at the backside of winter.  But, depending on where you live, there’s still a long way to go before spring.  And the dreaded Mid-winter Doldrums are about to come upon us.


If you have kids, these next several weeks can either push you over the edge.  Or, as our family experienced, they can be the best part of winter!  Why not turn off the TV.  Shut off the computer.  Put away the Wii (for a little while).  Gather your young‘ns.  And grab a book!


For a thorough rundown on the life-long benefits, and also the “why,” “how,” and “what,” of reading aloud to children, see  “The Read-Aloud Handbook,” by Jim Trelease:  

My all-time favorite source for finding quality, age-appropriate literature for children is   Sonlight Curriculum is a literature-based homeschool curriculum company, but you don’t have to be a homeschooler to purchase their books.  By clicking on “Homeschool Curriculum” at the top of their Home Page, you can find the right link to locate books for your child’s age and grade level.


I can practically promise you will be astonished by the vast variety of quality literature for children of all age levels.  Based on my previous experience with libraries, book stores and (shudder) school book fairs, (see: Not for the Faint of Heart ), I honestly never knew such rich resources existed. 


You can save money by sending for Sonlight’s catalog, and locating some of their recommended titles in your local library.  However, I warn you, you’ll likely want copies to own because these books will become favorites for your kids.


I know I’m raving.  Can’t help it.  I loved reading to my kids.  I loved instilling in them a love for learning.  I loved catching my boys (who didn’t like to read) reading books in bed, books they couldn’t put down! 

Have I convinced you to make this a Narnia winter?  Don’t worry about the long, cold weeks.  Gather your kids.  Hunker down.  Cozy in.  Read aloud.  In time, Aslan will roar.  And spring will come.