Introducing David Lunsford – Cheerleading Series


If you know me at all, you know that when it comes to things and people I’m excited about, I’m a cheerleader.  I just can’t keep good news to myself.  Why would I want to?  lol  


A week ago,  I was blessed to see and hear  musician, singer, songwriter, David Lunsford.  If you love Praise & Worship you will love this artist.   I’d describe him as a Music Shepherd; he takes us with him, leads us to The Father.   Check out the link and give a listen to the samples.  “Living Water” is one of my favorites and was a huge hit with the youth and young adults at the conference we attended last weekend.





Oxygen for Your Soul



I’m just curious.  Has anyone NOT heard of Susan Boyle yet?  I understand it’s had around 16 million hits already, and I wish I could include a YouTube video of her here, but apparently those videos have had the embed disabled.  Still…


 – If you want to smile…


 – If you love seeing the “underdog” triumph…


 – If you love witnessing the glory of God  through excellence…


 – If you love it when God lifts up the humble…


 – If you love watching dreams come true…


– If you need oxygen for your Soul…


 …Do yourself a gigantic favor and go to YouTube, and type in Susan Boyle.  Turn up the sound, settle back, watch and listen. 


Then, please, come back and tell me what you think.  This video, and her story, thrill me beyond words.



The Most Yummy-Smelling Candles Ever! (First in my Cheerleading Series)

Here.  Smell this!

Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade

I really wish you could.  It is the most scrumptious-smelling soy candle ever!  Ever, ever!   It’s from the White Lights Soy Candle Company in Norway, Iowa.  Population 601.   (2000 census).  Who would ever guess something so

delightful would be tucked away in this little railroad town?   This is what Hero and I see when we make our trek for candles.

Believe me, it is worth the trip.   Don’t underestimate them just because they’re hand-poured in an off-the-beaten-track little spot in the middle of Corn Country.

This is the Heartland.  This is where virtue and morals and families still thrive.   This is where fireflies sparkle over fields in the summer, and where one can still breathe fresh, clean air.

These candles are the best of the best.  (They’re even sold in upscale, tourist-y places like antiques-laden Galena, Illinois.)   White Lights has an extensive scent list.  All winter I burn their Northwood Pine.  In the fall it’s Carrot Cake…oh the spicy aroma!  But listen to these:  Blackberry Fig, Carmel Rum Swirl, Cinnamon Buns, Cup O’ Joe, Lemon Drop, Pumpkin Spice, Raspberry Chocolate Drizzle… just too many to list…and new fragrances often…

Right now, my favorite is Pink Lemonade.  It’s pretty, it’s pink,  it’s perfect for spring…and it’s a little intoxicating…just can’t seem to get enough of it…   I constantly get compliments from guests when these candles are burning in my home.

So, have I convinced you to check them out?  (Not getting paid for this, BTW;  I’m just a believer in cheering for stuff I like.)   Here, take another whiff  and then check out their website.

They’ll even custom-pour candles if you have specific containers you’d like used…such as vintage tea cups.

If you want quality and yummy-smelling candles which waft their fragrance throughout your home, get acquainted with White Lights Soy Candles Company, 128 Railroad Street, Norway, Iowa.  (Don’t you love that address?)  Toll free number: 877-227-3055.