“Writing for the Soul” Conference




        If you love to write, you need to know about the “Writing for the Soul” conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, coming up February 19-22.  I attended last year and was blown away by its standard of excellence.  From orientation to keynote speakers, clinics, classes & workshops, worship, and meals, everything challenged us to be, and do, our best.  For a first-timer, I was comforted by the hospitality of conference staff, and heartened by the accessibility to editors and agents.  Yes, we even ate meals with them.


        Hosted by best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins, this is the conference that will either define or confirm your call to write.  Rather than try to tell you more…okay, I’ll just mention that Gary Chapman and Karen Kingsbury will be keynote speakers…this is a condensed invitation to join me at the best writers’ conference ever.  For full-color info, check out the link.  It’s still not too late to register:  http://www.christianwritersguild.com/    




Wanted – In-Law Stories


                What’s your in-law story?  I want to hear it! 

In my book for young women, “Secrets About Guys (that shouldn’t be secret),” I devote a chapter to nurturing healthy in-law relationships.  I posted an excerpt in my blog For Mothers of Boys – and Young Brides  and expanded on it here: For Mothers of Boys – And Brides – The Moral  Traffic from these posts, and the comments, confirm what we already know from history…it’s a hot topic!  Besides, think of all the mother-in-law jokes… 

            I’m working on another project about this topic and am now putting out a call for in-law stories.   I would like to hear what your relationship with your ILs is like…good, bad, ugly, amiable?  Don’t worry about privacy.  I won’t use real names even if you include them.  However, I do need your name so I can contact you if I use your story or have questions.

            If you’re willing to share about your relationship with your mother/daughter-in-law, please leave a comment letting me know.  I’ll contact you with info on where to send it.  And please spread the word.  The more stories, the better!


Friday Feature


I am an explorer.  I love discovering new places in the blogging world.  Once in a while, I come across a treasure which absolutely compels me share it: 


 Meet Heart to Heart   The first time I read this Midwest Farmer’s writing, he had me laughing out loud, and wanting to send Christmas cards to a pig. 


DM is also a general contractor – a manly man – who happens to have the eye of an artist, a tender heart, a riotous sense of humor, and an adorable wife who looks so young you’d never dream they’ve been married thirty years – unless they took their vows when she was, like, six.


I came across this blog while I was surfing WordPress, and happened upon an hilarious post about a girl pig named Winston, (named after Churchill), who has her own Facebook:  Yes Kristina, Pigs Really Do Smile   That’s on DM’s other blog, “I Also Live on a Farm.”   I swear, I was captivated. 


 DM and his wife have apple orchards, a Bed & Breakfast…  Oh, and he’s on a search for the perfect Cinnamon Roll recipe: In Search of The Perfect Cinnamon Roll 


                  Please welcome my first Friday Feature  blogger!

New Years Prayers for Bloggers






These are my prayers for the 2009 blogging year.  If it feels like a good fit, I’d love for you to join me by leaving an Amen, or something, in the Comments.  Since the prayers are numbered, you can always list the ones from which you want to be excluded.  Ha-ha.  And…I would LOVE to hear prayers that you would add!


Heavenly Father,

          Through technology, you have given me an opportunity to be “heard” around the world.  This ability is staggering in scope, privilege, potential and responsibility.  Therefore, Lord, I earnestly make these requests:


1.) Help me remember that I am accountable to you for my words.  Father, this scares me.   Have mercy.


2.) In asking for mercy, may I be always willing to extend it to other bloggers.  May I not judge their writing, punctuation, site designs or topics, but instead be an encouraging voice and friend. 


3.) Guide my priorities, daily, Lord.  May blogging never replace you in my life.  Let me be ever mindful of my family.  When I’m at my computer, give me awareness to hear their voices, and grace to turn from the keyboard to focus on them. 


4.) Never let me believe that my value is decided by the number of comments I receive.  Or don’t receive.  For You, and You alone, set my worth before the foundation of the world, and sealed it on the cross. 


5.) In that vein, may I be as eager to leave comments as I am to receive them. 


6.) May my topics edify.  Forbid that I say anything which would hurt or discourage another blogger.  Let me remember that You give others different burdens, topics and approaches.  Give me ears to hear what others have to say, and the discernment…and humility…to realize when You are speaking to me through them


7.) May I never take myself too seriously.  Instead may I readily laugh with ease like those who are painfully aware of their shortcomings and love themselves anyway.  Forbid that I compare myself with other bloggers.  For you give gifts and talents according to Your good pleasure.   And to whom much is given, much is required.  (So, I guess that kind of lets me off the hook, huh, Lord?  🙂


8.) Expand my bloggy world.  I want to discover – and promote – others.   


9.) May the fruit of the Spirit always attend my blogging – in reading,  posting, and commenting.  Smack me if I sulk when I don’t win a bloggy giveaway. 


10.) And if blogging stops being a part of your purposes, plan and will for my life, give me grace to turn from it – eagerly – to embrace all that you have for me instead.  For it is only in the center of Your will that I find Life Abundant.


All this I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Name above all Names.


Oh, and one more thing.  Help me to know when I’m droning on and need to end my post.