A Must Read



“Bruchko” – This is one of my all-time, lifetime favorite books.  The true story of what happens when a sold-out-to-God teenage boy – a nerd – heads into the South American jungles to find an elusive and murderous indigenous tribe. 


Author:  Bruce Olson      Publisher: Creation House


You’re welcome.    (I know you’ll like it so I’m just sayin’…)


NOTE added Auguest 1 3, 2009:   I have never heard anything but raves about this book.    See Larry’s comment!  🙂 






Monday – sorting – and washing laundry day .


Tuesday – washing and drying laundry day.


Wednesday – folding-and-putting-away – and more washing – laundry day.


Thursday – hero coming home from out-of-town business trip, thus more laundry, laundry day.


Friday – another sorting, wash/dry/fold and put-away laundry day.




What I want to know is, how did my mother do it with


eight kids


a ringer washing machine


and a bag of clothes pins?